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October 2023: Lessons Learned
November 2022: Dictatorship in America?
November 2022: Democracy and the Republicans
December 2021: The Burma Revolution's two anomalies
September 2021: Nationwide war for liberation in Burma - finally!
May 2021: Revolutionary momentum
April 2021: National Unity Government
April 2021: Multi-genocide
April 2021: War on Facebook
March 2021: Break China
March 2021: Burma Intervention
December 2020: Bamar supremacists
October 2020: Voter turnout
October 2020: Protecting our election, by Arden Buck
October 2020: Republican cheaters
September 2020: Banned by Daily Kos
September 2020: American Civil War
September 2020: Small businesses and Trump
March 2020: Reparations from China
February 2020: Black Day for America
January 2020: Defeat the NLD
July 2019: Why nothing good ever happens in Burma
April 2019: What is to be done?
January 2019: Enemy of the State
December 2018: The Trump Catastrophe
November 2018: This is it
October 2018: What's at Stake - The Midterm Election
October 2018: To vote or not to vote
October 2018: The Trump Base
October 2018: Dictator Watch 2018 Status
May 2018: Myanmar's Killing Fields
March 2018: Senile Donald
March 2018: Well Played, Kim Jong-un
February 2018: Investment casino capitalism
February 2018: The simplicity of Trump
January 2018: Burma options
January 2018: Break up Burma? - Executive Summary
January 2018: The Future?
December 2017: Boycott Burma
November 2017: Crimes against Rohingya Investigation Status?
October 2017: Journalists covering Burma: Time to get it right!
October 2017: Legal nationality
September 2017: Thank you Aung San Suu Kyi
August 2107: Rohingya Genocide Update
August 2017: Burma: A new ethnic nationality pro-democracy resistance
May 2017: The anti-Suu Kyi movement
April 2017: Death of a Death Blog
April 2017: Social Suicide
April 2017: What is the UNFC doing?
April 2017: Aung San Suu Kyi should resign
April 2017: Release the Burma ethnic census results now!
March 2017: The Trump Regime
March 2017: I Want To Be Free (The Dictator Watch Democracy Review of the World)
March 2017: The Burma Army - School for Sexual Sadists
March 2017: Democracy in the KNU
February 2017: U.S. policy on Burma, the weak link in China's regional hegemony
February 2017: KNU Congress Update
January 2017: Aung San Suu Kyi is a disgrace
January 2017: Rohingya genocide timeline
December 2016: Burma casualties, and the possibility of freedom
December 2016: Hoping for a coup in Burma
December 2016: Imagine you are a Rohingya villager
November 2016: Distribution of the Suu Kyi genocide statement
November 2016: Investigate Aung San Suu Kyi for the crime of genocide
November 2016: KNU Update retraction
October 2016: Karen National Union update
August 2016: Burma Peace: Let the truth be told!
August 2016: Boycott the Burma "Peace" Conference
August 2016: Burma peace process critical path
July 2016: The Burma Family
July 2016: Idealism versus Realism
June 2016: University of Life completed
June 2016: Aung San Suu Kyi refuses to publish ethnic census results
March 2016: China: A new democracy revolution
February 2016: A reality check for Burma/Myanmar (Chinese translation)
January 2016: Burma's ethnic armed organizations - wait and see
December 2015: Aung San Suu Kyi: Her Amnesty Treason
October 2015: The Burma NCA - the true situation: 17 against, 5 for
September 2015: Burma's Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement: Just Say No!
August 2015: An appeal to Burma's ethnic nationality leaders
August 2015: Burma's ceasefire negotiation - What happens next?
July 2015: The Burma ceasefire - Why would the ethnic armies sign now?
May 2015: Burma's NCCT debacle
May 2015: Burma's pro-democracy rebels - stick to your guns!
April 2015: Burma: A Simple Question
March 2015: Burma NCA negotiation update 2
January 2015: University of Life - Part 4
January 2015: Burma NCA negotiation update
January 2015: Lessons in Democracy - Revisited
October 2014: Calling all Karen people of Burma
September 2014: Help children; Help the world
September 2014: KNU Watch
September 2014: Ceasefire negotiation leverage in Burma
May 2014: Historical perspectives for Thailand
May 2014: Burma census and ceasefire update
April 2014: Three years of atrocity
April 2013: Arrests in Zimbabwe
February 2013: A turning point
January 2013: The military dictatorship's propaganda war
January 2013: The Karen purge and coup
January 2013: Treachery in the Karen National Union
December 2012: The Age of Aung San Suu Kyi
ovember 2012: Comment on the new Burma proliferation incident
October 2012: Response to critics of "The worst person in Burma"
October 2012: The worst person in Burma
September 2012: Aung San Suu Kyi and human rights
September 2012: How to stop the corporate rape of Burma
September 2012: Mining in Burma
September 2012: Readership of Burmese translation of Lessons in Democracy jumps
June 2012: State finally "publishes" reports on military and intelligence aid to Burma
May 2012: Freedom not development
April 2012: Careful what you wish for
pril 2102: Burma democracy conversation
February 2012: Upcoming Burma election already not free or fair
January 2012: Burma special on Australia's Radio National
January 2012: Karen pride and unity
January 2012: Burma's exile media
November 2011: Development in dictatorship conference
November 2011: The dilemma for the National League for Democracy
October 2011: Speech on Burma and China in the U.S. Capitol
September 2011: August update on situation in Karen State
September 2011: August Karen National Liberation Army sitrep
eptember 2011: Report on Burma Army use of chemical weapons
Agust 2011: KNLA six month battle report
August 2011: Burma War News
August 2011: July Karen National Liberation Army sitrep
July 2011: June Karen National Liberation Army sitrep
June 2011: Is it time for an amnesty in Burma?
June 2011: New blog - Burma conflict situation report
April 2011: Response to David Steinberg
April 2011: Alert: Pro-military regime Burma conference in Washington
February 2011: Why are there no protests in Burma?
December 2010: Validated by Wikileaks on Burma uranium sales
October 2010: Where is Vice Senior General Maung Aye?
October 2010: Stonewalled by China, and the United States
August 2010: Burma's nuclear battalion
June 2010: Proof - Burma's military junta lied to the IAEA
June 2010: Burma's junta desecrates ancient Buddhist pagodas
April 2010: Burma's Thingyan terror
April 2010: Burma nuclear FOIA filing
March 2010: Intelligence from Burma police defector
March 2010: U.S. Burma policy - the curtain parts
February 2010: Remembering a friend
January 2010: ISIS report on Burma's nuclear program
January 2010: The Burma Army - A House of Cards
August 2009: Plagiarism in the Burma nuclear "scoop"
June 2009: WMD nexus between North Korea and Burma
May 2009: "Regime Change" in Burma
March 2009: Film Review: Burma VJ
February 2009: Where's the State Department nuclear report on Burma?
September 2008: Lessons in Democracy
August 2008: Russian support for Burma's nuclear program #2
June 2008: Russian support for Burma's nuclear program
May 2008: The aid community: saviors or enablers?
May 2008: The wrong people in Burma are dying
May 2008: Freedom for Burma: is this it?
February 2008: A tribute to Padoh Mahn Sha Lar Hpan
February 2008: Insurrection in Burma
November 2007: Digital Direct Action against the Chinese Olympics
October 2007: An epic struggle
September 2007: Free the monks!
September 2007: End the bloodshed!
September 2007: Water on stone
September 2007: Preparation for murder
September 2007: Burma needs a coup
May 2007 - Burma's secret agreement with North Korea
March 2007 - A Lesson in Revolution
January 2007 - Burma Nuclear Proliferation Intel
November 2006 - Nuclear Proliferation and Burma
September 2006 - Thailand's Middle Way
September 2006 - Are You Ready to Act?
August 2006 - A Fractured Movement?
May 2006 - The Revolution Has Begun
April 2006 - Congratulations to the People of Thailand
April 2006 - The Crisis in Burma Demands Intervention!
March 2006 - National Endowment for Hypocrisy
March 2006 - Karen State Sitrep, and Burma Q&A
January 2006 - United Nations Special Envoy for Burma
January 2006 - Revolutuionary Fatigue, or Freedom?
December 2005 - Freedom for Burma: Now means NOW!!!
October 2005 - Convincing the United States Government
September 2005 - Announcing Activism 101
July 2005 - Lull Before the Storm
May 2005 - Acts of Desperation
April 2005 - No Surrender!
March 2005 - The United Nations and Burma
March 2005 - The United States and Burma
March 2005 - The Tipping Point
October 2004 - Who will be the first to shake Soe Win's hand?
September 2004 - Betrayal by Europe
September 2004 - East Timor offers to host KNU - SPDC Ceasefire Talks
July 2004 - KNU on the Positions of the UN and the EU
July 2004 - KNU Ceasefire with the SPDC
July 2004 - Persons of No Concern
June 2004 - “I am not willing to live in this world anymore.
May 2004 - Burma: It is time for the U.N. and the E.U. to act!
April 2004 - Burma: A Turning Point Towards Democracy?
March 2004 - Burma Crisis Update and Relief Mission Report
February 2004 - The World Stands By and Does Nothing: the Crisis in Eastern Burma
January 2004 - Update on Crisis in Eastern Burma
January 2004 - Emergency in Eastern Burma
January 2004 - New humanitarian crisis in Burma; and Democracy in Burma: It's Now or Never!
November 2003 - The Karen People of Burma, and the Karen National Union
October 2003 - Empathy, Sympathy and Objectivity
September 2003 - We won't forget, and we won't be fooled again
August 2003 - Follow the Money (why the government of Thailand backs the Burmese military dictatorship)
August 2003 - The Burma Freedom and Democracy Act, the beginning of the end for the SPDC
July 2003 - Burma Relief Mission, and Analysis of Prime Minister Thaksin of Thailand
June 2003 - Relief Mission, Mine Victim, and Additional Analysis of Burma
June 2003 - Let the People of Burma Decide
April 2003 - Three new stories of SPDC crimes against humanity; and, Dictator Watch contributor attacked
April 2003 - Relief Mission - South-Eastern Shan States
March 2003 - War in Iraq, and Child Soldiers and a Humanitarian Mission in Burma
February 2003 - Questions for Thailand
January 2003 - The New Dry Season Offensive in Burma, and Thailand: It Must Be Stopped!
January 2003 - A Thai Christmas Present: NGO Harassment and Intimidation
December 2002 - Dictator Watch Manifesto
November 2002 - Photodocumentation of War Crimes in Burma

September 2002 - Foreign Policy Analysis: Interference and Intervention
July 2002 - A Follow-Up Open Letter to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi
May 2002 - The Burma “Dialogue”: Who's Kidding Whom?
March 2002 - Military Intervention in Burma
February 2002 - Organization launch
February 2002 - Freedom From Form launch
February 2002 - Call for venues for photo exhibit Burma at War
February 2002 - The Roots of Dictatorship (as part of organization launch)
February 2002 - Introduction to Chaos Theory (as part of organization launch)
February 2002 - The Pro-Dictatorship Policy of the United States Government (as part of organization launch)
February 2002 - End the Dialogue: An Open Letter to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi