Contact: Roland Watson, roland@dictatorwatch.org


November 7, 2006

Please post this announcement widely.

Dictator Watch has received information that Burma is mining and refining uranium and bartering it to North Korea in exchange for missiles and nuclear technical assistance. These allegations are described in the article, Nuclear Proliferation and Burma, the Hidden Connection.

We also have a new article, China – The Real Threat, Boycott China!, which contends that the conventional view that China was distressed by North Korea’s nuclear test is false. We believe that the entire episode was orchestrated by China, and that it gave final approval for the test.

We are calling for a boycott of all goods “made in China” during the upcoming holiday season, and beyond. We further ask that other organizations dedicated to freedom in China, and Tibet, and also freedom for its client dictatorships including North Korea, Burma, and the Sudan, support and publicize this boycott as well.