By Roland Watson
December 6, 2021

The Burma Revolution is peculiar. There has been a tremendous upwelling of resistance. Tens of thousands of individuals are fighting, and for every one of them there are many more supporters - family and friends and other people who for whatever reason aren't or can't be with the EAOs and PDFs. But there are two anomalies as well.

The first is that quite a few powerful EAOs, which you would think would join the Popular Revolution, have not done so. This includes the Arakan Army, the Naga, the SSA-N, the TNLA, the SSA-S, the UWSA, the Mongla, and the NMSP (and Brigade 4 of the KNU). The AA leaders act like their state isn't even part of Burma anymore, mirroring the Wa and the Mongla. They apparently want a free ride on the sacrifices of everyone else, and will demand independence once there is a national victory. This is extremely short-sighted, and selfish. It's true that the Arakan people suffered tremendously during their own war with the terrorists, but for one thing this was nowhere near what the Rohingya went through (and where some Arakan men actually participated in the genocide); and secondly, their suffering still does not excuse them from joining the national uprising. They have no right to sit back and watch like bystanders. Indeed, it almost seems as if they believe that the longer the Revolution continues the better it will be for them, since it provides an excuse to prevent the Rohingya from returning to their land.

Militarily, the AA not fighting is also a victory for the Tatmadaw. It means that instead of having to endure attacks everywhere in the country, from the Southwest to the far North to the Southeast, the first is effectively subdued, and of no pressing concern.

Twan Mrat Naing: All of Burma cheered when you fought the terrorists. You are a disappointment now.

For the Wa and Mongla, they are pawns in the CCP's foreign strategy, if not actual territories of China itself.

For the Naga, they too have their own aspirations (and divisions). But it is again difficult to understand why they don't attack the terrorist Tatmadaw. Why aren't there any Naga PDFs?

The groups in Shan State are battling over territory, and kowtowing to China. It is a huge loss for the Revolution that the TNLA (and the SSA-N) will not join with their allies the Kokang and the Kachin, who are fighting hard.

For the NMSP and KNU 4, they appear hopelessly corrupted - allies of the terrorists. But the local people have stepped in by establishing PDFs.

It has been said many times and it is still true: The quickest way to defeat the junta is for everyone to fight.

The second anomaly is the lack of resistance attacks against terrorist economic interests. While few Mytel towers remain standing, countless terrorist and terrorist sympathizer businesses continue to operate. Probably this is a combination of two things. The Burma Revolutionary Forces are prioritizing military targets, and also as with the EAOs in Shan State they do not want to anger China (and other international parties).

The people of Burma really need to get over China. To hell with China! Destroy the CCP! Do not let them continue helping the Tatmadaw keep you enslaved!

During World War 2 the Allies targeted German and Japanese business interests in addition to their military units. This was known as the Economic War. The strategy worked.