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March 27, 2020

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The Covid-19 coronavirus began in a wild animal market in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. The Chinese people as a group are not to blame for the virus, although the specific individuals at the market who caused it by putting different wild species in cages next to each other, and then using them as food, are. Many if not most of these people have already died for their stupidity.

The worst of all were the local officials who tried to cover-up the outbreak.

The ultimate blame for the disaster, though, lies with the China Communist Party, and its leader Xi Jinping. The idea of communism is that the people will rule themselves, like in a commune: that they will revolt against entrenched upper-class dictators, and then establish a utopian classless society. It's really not that different from the process and objective of democracy.

The CCP abandoned the communist revolution when they embraced capitalism. They decided that the capitalistic system, and being wealthy rulers, was better - for them. They hid their betrayal of the Chinese people through indoctrination, that capitalism was now good, and that they all should work as hard as possible to make money. But the leaders would still run everything, and become billionaires in the process - new Imperial Princes.

As part of this they encouraged the people to set up wild animal farms - one more business opportunity. This greatly increased the number of such animals available for consumption, and which were sold through markets like the one in Wuhan.

People around the world have always eaten wild animals, and which they had to hunt - not an easy thing to do. The "bushmeat" trade therefore has been limited. As an alternative, we took to cultivating a handful of species: cows, Asian buffalos, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens and ducks, as meat protein sources. Through generations of selection and consumption, we have been able to make the animals safe, so we would not get new types of infections.

The Chinese continued the bushmeat approach, including by importing from poachers around the world. Then, through the new farms, they industrialized it. But widespread availability of these species increased the likelihood of new epidemics, and for which the population was completely unprepared, particularly when different species were placed next to each other and allowed to interact (for Wuhan, bats and snakes).

The CCP learned nothing from the earlier SARS virus. In late 2002, this virus arose in China, also in bats, and was then transmitted somehow to farms that bred civet cats, and from them, through consumption, to people. Chinese officials first tried to cover-up SARS, too. The epidemic that developed lasted two years and extended to 8,000 cases and about 800 deaths. It did not spread around the world. It had higher mortality but lower transmissibility.

The CCP obviously concluded from SARS that it didn't need to do anything. Its core goal of keeping the population distracted from its abandonment of communism was more important, and now we have Covid-19.

The entire pandemic is 100% the responsibility of Xi Jinping and the China Communist Party. They have sickened the world, tens of thousands of people have died, and the global economy has been devastated. They have to pay.

The CCP has foreign exchange reserves of three trillion dollars, all the money they have accumulated from years of expropriating the proceeds of industrial production. They owe this to the world.

For instance, they should pay a sum - blood money - to the families of every single person who has died. And, they should make a payment to every single nation, to help their governments offset the stimulus packages that they have had to implement to ward off economic depression.

Even more, the Chinese leaders have to go. China as a dictatorship has been a bane of the modern world. Things were bad enough after World War II with the rise of Stalin, but at least that problem subsided somewhat with the breakup of the Soviet Union. But China has become ascendant, and as with the pandemic continues to pose many different threats.

The best reparations for the virus would not be financial. It would be for the dictatorship to step down and allow democracy, as the people demanded in 1989 in Tiananmen Square. The people of China, and the people of the world, have had enough of the rogue behavior of the CCP rulers. They have to go.

To this end, the leaders of different governments around the world, and activists, and ordinary people, should all raise the same chorus: You caused this. We are tired of having to deal with your bullshit. Get the hell out!

Governments should further fund and find other ways to assist China pro-democracy groups.

If Xi Jinping and the Communist Party refuse, there should be a worldwide boycott of literally everything Made in China. Even more, there should be a blockade, of China cargo ships. We can drive the country into a full-blown depression. That alone would reverse the Party brainwashing that has made large segments of the Chinese public embrace nationalistic fervor. At that point, it would be a simple step to change their attitudes from supporting the Party to opposing it. The CCP would fall in quick order.

The world is suffering, because of the China Communist Party. But the silver lining is that this presents a wonderful and historic opportunity to force them out.