Dictator Watch
September 9, 2021

On September 7, 2021, the National Unity Government for the people of Burma declared war against the terrorist military dictatorship that has ruled the country since Ne Win's coup in 1962. About damn time!

The ethnic nationalities of Burma have been fighting the Tatmadaw (Burma Army), since the beginning of the Karen Revolution in 1949. The Bamar supremacist generals had targeted the Karen people, just as they had attacked other groups in historical periods. Many other ethnic armies were subsequently established following Ne Win's takeover.

This is the first time, though (excluding the ABSDF group), that the large Bamar population has joined the fight, and turned against the racists under whose brainwashing they had been blinded. They finally saw through the lies. Now, over 100 People's Defense Forces have been formed, many with training from the ethnic armies. And they all - the PDFs and the EAOs - are attacking the terrorist soldiers, police, spies, and collaborators.

The NUG declaration therefore was recognition of something that is already unstoppable. The people will win. The only thing that matters now is the terrorist body count. Already in the thousands, at some point it will rise so high that the junta will break. Soldiers and police are running away. There are reports of disagreements among the top generals. Keep it up. The end - freedom, and democracy - is closer than it has ever been.