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November 5, 2018
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Well, this is it. Do you believe in democracy for America or do you want a one party Republican dictatorship? Do you oppose Trump or are you for him?

These are exactly the same question. We will now determine who we are.

There are three choices.

First, you are for Trump and against democracy, because (a) you are completely brainwashed - you "love" Trump, and are also a racist, misogynist and fascist; (b) you are surrendering to social form but to a lesser extent - your partner or friends are voting for him so you will too; or (c) you will vote for him because he is good for you personally - you are rich, even though you fully understand that he is a monster and terrible for the nation.

Second, you oppose dictatorship and hate Trump, and will vote Democrat for every office and issue, even if you are an Independent and also even if you are a Registered Republican but simply can't stomach the Party's betrayal of the country anymore.

Third, you hate Trump too (or you actually like him), but you can't be bothered to vote. What's the point? You are no-one and your vote means nothing.

For the first, fuck you - don't vote.

For the second, thank you - see you at the polls.

For the third, to Trump's supporters, you are right, it is a waste of time. For everyone else, please don't be afraid of the unknown, of doing something new (voting). It's easy. And, you are not powerless. A vote, unlike an Internet comment (such as this), is not passive. Trump and the Republicans have been attacking us day after day for years. Fight back. Hit the bastards where it hurts - their power. Take it away!!! Your choice is not pointless. If you didn't vote in 2016, the impact couldn't be clearer. Seeing Democrats gain office and Republicans lose will be incredibly empowering. This is guaranteed. It is an amazing feeling. Do something that you will remember for the rest of your life. Tomorrow, November 6, 2018, take a stand, for the nation, the world, your friends and family, and yourself.