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April 21, 2019
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I know it's depressing, and frankly impossible to believe, but think of what has happened: all the retrograde forces that have come together to sabotage America, and from the inside!

The elitist Democratic Party power center made sure that progressive Bernie Sanders was not the 2016 presidential candidate.

Actual candidate Hillary Clinton was then knee-capped by Republican FBI Director Comey.

We got a lunatic as President.

Republican fascists McConnell and Ryan, already having done their best to torpedo the Obama Presidency, then use deranged Trump for their own nefarious ends, to establish a one-party dictatorship and with a social agenda essentially no different from the Taleban.

Against all odds, an investigation of the election and the Trump campaign was launched, although the Democrats surrendered and rather than demand that it be independent agreed to let it fall under Trump's pick for Attorney General (the proverbial fox guarding the chicken coop).

Republican Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein then published an extremely broad investigation mandate, but secretly reversed it through two much more narrow amending memos.

Trump, after seeing AG Sessions recuse himself finally got someone to his liking, Republican Barr, who had already publicly declared that the president can't break the law, that the president is King and above the law.

Republican investigator Mueller agreed to follow the much narrower mandate, and accepted that the president is above the law.

Nonetheless, the attorneys working for him were so diligent that they uncovered mountains of evidence of criminal activity and which he was forced to include in his report. Barr then censored as much of it as possible but he simply couldn't black out the entire thing.

Even though the evidence that was disclosed should lead to Trump's indictment and arrest, elitist Democrat Pelosi instead announced that he won't even be impeached.

Every single person, the mandarins of the Democratic Party, starting with their corporate donors, Comey, McConnell, Ryan, Trump, Rosenstein, Barr, Mueller, and Pelosi, are all doing their best to destroy the United States democracy.

Our elected leaders seem determined to dismantle the rule of law, beginning with the separation of powers. If there was ever a time for activism and action, this is it.