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Announcing the publication of: Freedom From Form

Freedom From Form covers many subjects, but its central theme is human evolution. It reviews the directions by which we seem to be evolving, including such things as the development of technology and changes that have occurred to our consciousness. And, it provides a means to evaluate whether they are real ways forward or evolutionary dead-ends.

In this context it considers the problems that we cause (e.g., environmental destruction, war, and ingrained inequality), many of which appear inescapable, hence the repetition of history. However, on review it is clear that the problems caused by humanity are actually just symptoms of even deeper problems. Also, symptoms can only be treated, not solved, which is akin to treating the pain and fever caused by illness but not confronting the underlying disease. Furthermore, the deeper problems, too, are symptoms of still deeper problems. Ultimately, one is led to the core aspects of our nature: to the fundamental conditions of our existence and our reactions thereto.

Said another way, since we cannot change our basic conditions, we must change our reactions to them. This is the only way the whole string of embedded problems/symptoms will disappear. But this adjustment, which on the face of it is conceptually simple – think of moving from personal selfishness to cooperation – is in fact so profound that it constitutes – it will constitute – nothing less than the evolution of our species.

In addition, you cannot solve a problem without knowing where you want to go. And, you have to know this in well thought-out detail. This is the linkage: symptoms reveal problems, which in turn reflect an imprecise statement or purposeful misdirection of goals.

Right now America – the world – all of “Civilization” – is at war with terrorism. We are also at war with drugs, and crime, and poverty. We have so many wars now that we have a war du jour. This is absurd. Terrorism, drugs, crime and even poverty are merely symptoms. We may treat them with guns, prisons, police, or welfare – whatever – but even if they seem to go away they will return. These are wars that can never be won. Indeed, in many cases that is not even the goal. While they may be launched with a clear basis, i.e., we do have the right to defend ourselves, they are quickly transformed to serve other purposes: those of their promoters.

For symptoms to be treated such that they never return, that they never can return, the underlying problems must be solved. It is time to fight these problems.

Freedom From Form will change the way you look at the world, yourself and life.

- It teaches that existence can best be understood as the interaction and transformation of “forms,” and as the resolution of an underlying conflict between deterministic influences and free will.

- It is an evolutionary study of the human experience, and of our social development, to-date.

- It presents a new way to analyze our diverse social problems. It teaches that while such problems appear different and distinct, they actually are just symptoms of a much deeper malaise.

- It is a call to activism, and a comprehensive guide thereto, including of all relevant ethical issues.

- It includes a complete statement of the social goals that are appropriate for our species.

- It is an exposition of a social structure, unique in human history, through which these goals can be achieved, and of how we can transform our current society to it.

- It is a model of the future evolution of humanity, to a new species, with a reappraisal of evolutionary processes, and a description of the neurological and behavioral changes that likely will occur.

- It presents a proof of why technology, as it is currently practiced, will not itself lead to such evolution.

- And, it is an explanation of the purpose of life, and the universe.

Freedom From Form may be ordered through the World Travelers Press link of www.dictatorwatch.org. Review copies are also available.