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July 15, 2019
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Burma used to have a pro-democracy movement. It's leader, at least for the Burman people - although many ethnic nationalities liked her as well, was a woman named Aung San Suu Kyi. But Suu Kyi, who had done little other than have a famous father, surrendered to the country's military dictatorship in 2010. She was getting old, and was desperate for power, or at least the appearance of power. The generals happily accepted her betrayal. The businesses of the world - I mean countries, including the U.S., the nations of Europe, China, Russia, India, Thailand, Japan, Australia, Singapore, etc., happily went along. After years of drooling at the country they could finally profit there. Burma became an in name only democracy. The people gave up hope.

The country needs a leader, but no Burmans will challenge Suu Kyi - not a single one. The ethnic nationalities have many strong leaders who don't care about her at all, but they are preoccupied with their groups' specific interests. For fear of angering the international corporate community - again, I mean country community, they are also afraid to act aggressively, to take the fight to the murderous regime. So the nation is stuck. What I wrote a week ago [on Facebook] has become the norm: A gang of psychopathic Burman racists has found a way to satisfy their blood lust with impunity and become billionaires in the process.

What is to be done? Fighting dictatorship is hard but it is not impossible. Many oppressed peoples have succeeded. Daniel Ortega rallied the Nicaraguans, including against U.S. pro-dictatorship assistance. Hugo Chavez (who I came to hate later for his own regression to dictatorship) organized Venezuela's poor against that nation's plutocrats. There have been successes on every continent. But not for Burma.

The country needs a new and true Burman democracy leader, one who will actually stand up to the generals and Suu Kyi. And it needs the Ethnic Armed Organizations to fight to win. Fuck the international community. Cause some chaos. It's the only way.