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February 3, 2008

Please forward.

We have posted a new article, Insurrection in Burma.

We can also provide a short comment about the new Rambo movie. While some of the story elements seem exaggerated, e.g., Karen villagers are rarely so caught off guard that they expose themselves to complete slaughter – that’s one of the reasons why they have dogs – it is a powerful depiction of the extreme violence of the Burma Army in the ethnic areas. Everyone should see this film, and it also needs to have a political impact. The best way to do this would be for it to be broadcast into Burma itself, on satellite TV. Democratic Voice of Burma should consider contacting the producers and asking for a favorable broadcasting arrangement.

One would also hope that it might initiate a response from global audiences, that political leaders would notice. Many people around the world are aware of the SPDC’s brutality in the cities, from news coverage of the September demonstrations. Few, though, understand the ferocity of the violence that is being committed in the countryside. Again, everyone needs to see this film, and then to write to their local media and to contact their respective governments. While it is only a film, it depicts the terrible situation in Burma as it exists right now, and something has to be done about it!