November 4, 2022

By Roland Watson

After being a democracy advocate for 28 years, and for a number of different countries, many lessons stand out. This is the most important for America.

It is essential to stop pro-dictatorship factions before they can get established. If you don't they will dig in roots and get stronger and stronger. Ultimately, they might be able to manipulate the loyalty of the society's armed agents, the police and the military, and convince them that it is acceptable to shoot the people. And when they can do this, they will be able create a full-on dictatorship, with all the people, including their own followers, subject to arrest and murder at any time. This pattern has occurred in countless countries.

Once in place, it is extremely difficult to rid a society of a dictatorship. They have the most guns, after all. Here, it is important to remember that ALL dictatorships are military dictatorships. The distinction of a dictatorship on the right (fascism) versus one on the left (communism) is false. All that matters is that a sociopath or group of sociopaths have seized power with the backing of the people with the guns.

The only way to reverse this, to bring back democracy, is through popular revolution - huge crowds marching in the streets, national strikes, etc., and/or armed revolution, meaning a civil war.

The members of the Trump Republican Cult may say that they want dictatorship, and even civil war, but they do not know what they are talking about. It destroys societies - tears them apart. Millions may die, both in regime crackdowns and civil conflict and also from such things as starvation and inadequate medical care.

America has one chance to stop the Republican dictatorship peacefully - through this election. If the country does not it will become more and more difficult, and perhaps by 2024 impossible.