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January 20, 2013

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Burma's military dictatorship announced on Friday that it will stop attacking the KIA.

This announcement is false. It is a lie. It is propaganda.

It is no different from Thein Sein's earlier orders to the Burma Army to stop fighting, which orders the Army refused to follow.

Now, days after the announcement, the Army is still attacking. It is using artillery in a number of areas, which strikes are threatening Kachin villagers. Many land battles are also underway.

With this being the dry season, the Army will unquestionably extend its offensive. It will also continue to attempt to shift the blame for its murderous aggression to the Kachin.

The ceasefire announcement is intended to corner the KIA politically, to make it look like they are the ones who are the aggressors, not only to the international community, but to Burman people as well.

This is a propaganda war.

The real turning point will be if - when - the United States and other members of the international community blame the victims, too: When they absolve the real terrorists, the Sit-tut, of its crimes.

The Burma Army positions in Kachin (and other ethnic) areas are unacceptable. The regime uses them to commit war crimes. The Kachin resistance is fully justified in fighting the Burman dictatorship's colonial aggression towards their people.