Dictator Watch
May 3, 2021

With so much happening each day, it is easy to lose sight of the trend. There has been an incredible amount of revolutionary activity in the last 24 hours. Plus, the people are marching in more places and greater numbers. This is momentum. The more momentum the revolution gets, the more dictatorship police and soldiers will change sides, and the quicker the terrorists will be defeated.

Revolutionary fighting

- The KIA shot down a dictatorship attack helicopter (with a machine gun).
- Less noticed but just as significant, the KIA attacked two Tatmadaw ships on the Irrawaddy River south of Myitkyina, hitting one with a mortar and forcing the other to return to Katha.
- The KIA fired heavy weapons at two Tatmadaw camps.
- The KIA and Tatmadaw fought a number of times near Salawng Kawng and also in Northern Shan State.
- Revolutionary forces are fighting the regime in Kalay.
- There is also a report of new fighting in Hakha.
- The KNLA is not putting out regular battle reports (like they used to years ago), but the number of clashes since March is so high that it is would not be surprising if there have been new firefights in Karen State as well.

Attacks on police

- The KIA attacked Mansi police station.
- Rangoon Latha police station and Natalin police station were bombed.

Other bombs

- Three bombs were reported in Pyay, the ward office of Toungoo, Kyaukpadaung, and Kyaukme (unexploded). (There were bomb attacks in at least six Rangoon townships yesterday.)


- The Bago Governor's office in Oaktwin Township was burned.
- A pro-regime Thaketa ward chairman was stabbed.