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September 29, 2007

Please forward.

Why is Ibrahim Gambari going to Burma? Stung by criticism that he has done nothing, Ban Ki-moon has dispatched his deputy.

Why would Than Shwe allow him to visit? The SPDC is desperate to end the demonstrations. It has imprisoned hundreds of monks, and put the nation’s entire monastic community under house arrest. If Gambari can help temper the calls for freedom as well, that’s great. Gambari and Ban Ki-moon are throwing Than Shwe a lifeline. This could prevent his fall.

The U.N., through its member states, also represents international financial interests. These interests do not want Burma to go free. Gambari’s mission is a last ditch effort to protect them.

Of course, he may personally want to see an end to the violence. We all do. But he cannot be allowed to suppress the demonstrators in any way. Instead, he should call on the people to renew their protests, their demand to finally be free of forty-five years of oppression.

The worst thing for the democracy movement right now is the absence of the monks. The people need their monks. Free the monks!

The SPDC is starting to crack. The demonstrations must continue until its splits and breaks. For this to take place, the monks must lead. Free the monks!