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January 29, 2012

Note: As many as 250,000 people will listen to this special. It would be nice if it were widely heard inside Burma. Please forward the links to the NLD, 88 Generation Students, ABFSU, ABYMU, ABMA, Generation Wave, and other pro-democracy groups and concerned individuals.

Radio presenter David Rutledge has put together an excellent review of the current situation in Burma, titled Burma On The Brink. It is a fifty minute special, and unlike many of the video documentaries about the country it explores its subject in depth. The main focus is on the reform underway by the Thein Sein regime, with an additional emphasis on the issue of religious and cultural discrimination.

I was very pleased to be asked to participate. Please listen to the entire program. My remarks begin at 2.28, 12.15, and 38.58.

The program is presented as part of the "Encounter" series, of the Radio National service of Australia Broadcasting Corporation. It was first broadcast yesterday and will be repeated on Wednesday. The program is also available from the ABC website in the following link.

Burma on the Brink

Encounter webpage