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September 19, 2017

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Thank you Aung San Suu Kyi. Thank you for confirming what I have known about you not only for the last year of the Rohingya crisis; or the last five; or the last fifteen, during the scorched earth offensives against other ethnic nationalities in the east and north, and when I first started publicly criticizing you; or even before that all the way back to 1996, when I quietly became suspicious.

You are truly despicable; a horrible person without precedent. I explained to a friend what makes your wretched, disgusting character so singular. If a bad person, say someone who is a criminal already, is later discovered to be a serial killer, it's not that surprising. They were just a lot worse than we realized. If a good person is revealed to be a serial killer, the proverbial neighbor next door, and who nobody suspects, we're shocked. How could we not have seen it? But if someone who is widely celebrated, an individual openly revered by millions as a saint, a Mother Theresa for example, if that person is later uncloaked as a monster, that's simply beyond the pale. And that is precisely what we have experienced with you.

There is genocide in Burma. Hell, there has been genocide for decades. But there is a new type of genocide in the country, the stereotypical wholesale and rapid destruction of an ethnic group, and for the entire world to see.

You have just denied this genocide. But you are much more than a simple denier. You are a participant! Your office has led the way in demonizing the Rohingya, branding the entire group as terrorists. You even ridiculed the stories of young girls who had seen their families slaughtered and then been gang-raped. You, a woman yourself, blamed these victims, and labeled their claims: FAKE RAPE! How could you possibly do this?

You are a member of a three part dehumanization team, to prepare the way for mass slaughter. Together with the Nazi monk Wirathu, and General Min Aung Hlaing, you not only legitimized the idea of destroying the Rohingya, you effectively called for it. You are guilty of conspiracy to commit genocide, and should be imprisoned, in a real prison - not a lakeside villa, for the rest of your natural life.

What type of person would ignore over 400,000 new refugees? The answer: the individual who is responsible. Criminals typically have zero interest in the suffering of their victims.

I don't know what happened, if the woman who stood on stage in the late 1980s was real or just an illusion. Were you caught up in the moment, and only later reverted to your true self, or were you grandstanding for personal glory all along? It doesn't matter. So thank you, for revealing who you really are. Now there can be no doubt.

For the people of Burma, for the people of the world who care about Burma, and for officials who are responsible for setting policy regarding Burma, Aung San Suu Kyi is the enemy of freedom and democracy. She is not a powerless leader, struggling to make headway in a "democratic transition." She is part of an ethnic supremacist military dictatorship, an open conspirator working to ensure that the Burma Army never loses power and similarly that her group, the Burmans, will forever dominate the country.

That's it. It is time for everyone who supported her to end their own denial. Break free of her cult. She is a genocidal sociopath.

In practical terms, while they are easily accessible in Bangladesh, U.N. investigators should interview the surviving victims and compile evidence about all of the villages and towns that have been (and are still being) attacked. The Rohingya must then be allowed to return home, and with the resources and protection they need to rebuild their lives. We, the people and the democratic governments of the world, can demand this.

All of the ethnic nationalities of the country should further understand, Aung San Suu Kyi is not your friend. She is a racist. She is against you. Never fall into her "peace process" trap. Never surrender. She's old. She'll die before you know it. At that point a new phase in the struggle for genuine democracy will begin. She has dedicated herself to fulfilling her own prophesy that Burma will remain enslaved for a very long time. However, this will not be the status quo forever. The military can be defeated. The people of the country can still someday know peace and have their human rights, even if - because of her treason - it takes another thirty years.