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September 28, 2007

Please forward.

The Adolph Hitler of Burma, Than Shwe, is killing Buddhist monks and the other people of the country. An absolute bloodbath may be imminent. The response of the world:

- United Nations Security Council: We’re concerned. Please exercise restraint. We’ll send Gambari.
- United States: A mild increase in sanctions. Still not ready to force divestment by ChevronTexaco, much less intervene.
- Europe: We might increase our current, minimal sanctions.
- Japan: We might suspend aid.
- China, India and Singapore: Concerned.
- Thailand and Asean: Not even concerned.
- Russia: It’s no one’s business.

This is 2007. It is unbelievable that the savagery that is now being perpetrated in Burma is allowed to happen. For an explanation of why this is the case, please see:

Why the world won't help

Dictator Watch, and many others, warned that this would happen. It could have been prevented, but it wasn’t. It has to be stopped, now!

We demand that the U.S. intervene. The situation in Burma is in the United States’ direct national interests. To assist people in the difficulties that the Burmese now experience, and who clearly want our help, is what we stand for. We must help, militarily. President Bush: use the CIA and NSA to locate Than Shwe, and then send in a predator drone to end his reign of terror.

Other than the SPDC, China bears the most blame for what is now happening. To the dictators of the CCP and PLA, we will do everything humanly possible to destroy both your Olympics and you. You support genocidal psychopaths. Monks are being killed with your guns. You will pay.

Note: We released urgent news to a number of Burma lists late in the morning of September 25th, which we were unable to post on the website or send to our normal distribution. Trucks full of soldiers from Light Infantry Divisions 22 and 44, based respectively in Thaton, Mon State and Paan, Karen State, had begun moving the night before to Rangoon. This news was later confirmed by a KNLA officer, at least for LID 22, which he also noted was the unit that sent troops to violently suppress the popular uprising in 1988.