February 5, 2020

- 12/20/1860: The southern states, to preserve their power to own slaves, begin their attempt to secede from the country, thus triggering the Civil War.

- 12/7/1941: The Japanese attack Pearl Harbor, and the U.S. enters World War 2.

- 4/19/1995: Right wing terrorist Timothy McVeigh bombs the Federal Building in Oklahoma City, solidifying the insurrection of extremist Republican militias against the Federal Government, and arguably setting the stage for Trump. McVeigh would have loved Trump.

- 9/11/2001: Al-Qaeda terrorists attack New York City and destroy the World Trade Towers, leading to war with Afghanistan and which the Republican President later extends on the basis of a lie to war with Iraq.

America has many enemies, both from without and within. Today, 2/5/20, is another Black Day for the country. The United States has been attacked again, this time from within, by the Republican Party. The consequences will also likely prove to be catastrophic.

The majority Republican senators, led by Mitch McConnell, refused to impeach the criminal Trump. They wouldn't even allow witnesses, in a trial!, and for which a real jury would have convicted him unanimously. They have now declared, under the complicit eye of Republican Chief Justice John Roberts, that the President, their President, is above the law. By sabotaging the Supreme Law of the Land, the United States Constitution, they have further made the nation lawless. While there may still be police and prisons, there is no longer a legitimate Rule of Law. If it doesn't apply to one group, or even in this case one person, they it does not apply to anyone.

Today's Republican officials hate America. They hate what it stands for, freedom and equality for all. They have spit on the sacrifices of the men and women who have died for the country, in wars and in protest struggles including for universal suffrage and civil rights. They are despicable beyond words.

Instead, they are pathologically obsessed with power. Never-ending power. Who cares about the oath of office, and the separation of the three branches of government. They vote lock step, no matter who is harmed.

They want America to be a dictatorship, a one party - their party - a white party - dictatorship. They too will be above the law. Democrats, African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, everyone else, will have to do what they say.

They hate George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln. They have a new role model: China. They want what the Communist Party leaders have, absolute power, to rule forever, and to be billionaires.

They are traitors, pure and simple, enemies of the United States. Their treason cannot stand.

We have to destroy the Republican Party.

To accomplish this, to repeat the fate of the Whig party, we have to reduce their vote.

There are four principal groups of Republican voters.

The first are white racists, men and women, and who in the south long to reverse the outcome of the Civil War.

The second are the wealthy, who know full well that the Party is destroying the country, but don't care as long as their taxes don't go up.

The third are the in-name only "Christians," who have abandoned Jesus' love for the meek and the poor, and instead succumbed to the hate and are now hypocrites. Trump is Pontius Pilate and they are Judas.

The last, although this overlaps significantly with the first and the third, are poorly educated whites (and mainly the older individuals thereof), the "workers," who somehow don't understand that it was the Republican leaders who gave their jobs away in the first place to China (free trade!), and who have never grasped the fact that it is their states, the Republican states, which are doing the worst on every single measure of social and economic progress. They live in America's "Third World" (sorry, I usually avoid this phrase, but it is appropriate here), but are too brainwashed to make the connection - Republican leaders and their hard lives.

For the racists and the wealthy, there is no practical way to change their allegiance, in large numbers. The only real hope is for the next generation. This makes them enemies of America and democracy, too.

For the hateful Christians, if there is a hell, they are going to it. You can't spread loathing and be bad again and again and expect that praying for forgiveness on your deathbed, or even throughout your life, will work. If you truly want to be loving and good, without sin, you have to try. You have to be a real Christian, and see through the Republican lies. (Can you imagine what Jesus would have thought of Trump!) Then, at the secret ballot, you will vote your soul.

For America's blue collar workers, what can you say? For God's sake, put down your beer and your truck keys and your hunting rifle for a minute and snap out of it! Are you truly so simple minded that you don't understand what is happening? You can't see how Trump was only elected through the assistance of our long-standing enemy, Russia, that he is a lifelong criminal, and that he has brought his criminality to the White House? Are you really OK with this?

Do you want another Civil War? Look how well the last one turned out for you. Do you think American officers will commit treason? Do you think masses of rank and file soldiers, even those nominally Republican, will betray their oaths, and all of their ancestors, too, and attack the United States?

Get a grip! The world is modern now; interconnected. There is no going back. People everywhere are competing like mad. The only way to succeed is to be as well-educated as possible, to learn things like math and engineering (which the Chinese are obsessed with), and then to work hard. You are a cult - engaged in a group process of self-destruction. You are taking America down with you. Do you want us to fail? What is wrong with you? Stop watching Fox. Take anti-depressants. Go to rehab. Come back to reality.