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March 3, 2007

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We have a new article, “Lessons from the American Revolution.”

It is an analysis of the struggle for freedom in the American colonies in the 1770s, from British colonial rule. It describes numerous lessons that today’s freedom fighters in political dictatorships around the world must grasp if their own revolutions are to succeed.

On Burma, specifically, its nuclear aspirations, we were alerted to an article about this subject in Asia Times, from June 2004.


Noteworthy quotes from the article include:

According to Indian sources, Myanmar paid $2 million up front for a survey by North Korean scientists [for a nuclear reactor in the Myothit area] and another $200 million partly in foreign currency and partly in the form of timber. It has been learned that North Korea has agreed to take payments in ‘affordable phases.’”

A Western diplomat says the deal was not without the knowledge of US intelligence…” but that “the US is hamstrung as it is involved with North Korea on far larger issues.”

India is concerned that North Korea “could use Myanmar as a proxy for the development of nuclear weapons.”

Almost three years have passed since the article was published. As we have reported, the SPDC now has an active nuclear program, and there is evidence that this includes the development of nuclear weapons. The junta is also intimately involved with China, Russia and Iran in addition to North Korea. No doubt “diplomats” and “intelligence” have much more detailed information. This information could break the Security Council deadlock. It is extremely discouraging that it is not being made public.

In the distant future, when Burma is free, it will inevitably be revealed who knew what and when. This is the standard pattern. But the individuals who censored the news, who are today helping to keep the people of Burma enslaved, will probably be long gone.

Note: A new China boycott has been established at www.enoughalready.org.