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September 21, 2007

Please forward.

Reports from Burma indicate that the SPDC has given orders for its troops to fire into the groups of peaceful demonstrators that are now filling the country’s streets. It is not clear under what specific conditions this is authorized. There is also word that hospitals have been told to clear their wards, to receive large numbers of casualties.

This is preparation for murder. Under no circumstances whatsoever can this crime be permitted to occur.

There are also reports that the United States has aircraft carrier groups nearby in the Indian Ocean. The U.S. should immediately intervene, if the SPDC does attack the people of Burma. The U.K., France, Australia and others should join this effort. However, if these countries are cowards and refuse to help, America will have to act on its own. The obvious targets are Pyinmana; the major Tatmadaw bases, particularly in and around Rangoon; and the top generals’ bunker complexes. 1988 cannot be repeated!

The junta recently had representatives in Beijing and Moscow, no doubt trying to shore up support from its allies. The U.S. should make it clear to both China and Russia that it will not brook opposition to such an intervention. If China acts against the U.S., there will be a severe penalty. America is the most important customer of China, Inc. American consumers are already questioning Chinese products because of safety concerns, the working conditions under which they are manufactured, and their environmental impact. If China opposes a U.S. military initiative in Burma to end crimes against humanity, Americans will boycott Chinese products in the upcoming holiday shopping season and beyond. This will throw the Chinese economy into a recession and even perhaps a depression, and encourage its own population to rise up. In addition, the upcoming Olympics will be a disaster, if not a national disgrace.

For the SPDC to kill protestors, particularly monks, would be suicidal. Burma would explode. Even the junta’s stalwart friend, the government of Thailand, would turn away in disgust and back whatever the U.S. wanted.

Now is the time for the soldiers in the Tatmadaw to turn against Than Shwe and Maung Aye. You cannot let yourselves be used to perpetrate mass murder against your people. Don’t shoot anyone! Free your country!