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March 18, 2018
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It's been a turbulent whirlwind with Donald Trump, one outrage after another. Each is met by informed commentary and analysis. However, this is all quickly forgotten with the next Storm. (Please excuse the pun.)

Some of the deductions, though, those that are essential, should not be forgotten. The most important of these is the analysis of Trump's mental state, based on his language. As a wealthy egomaniac, he has a long record of public speaking. This enabled a careful analysis of changes in both his word usage and sentence structure. Experts have determined that Trump's vocabulary is shrinking and also the complexity of his sentences. These changes are dramatic.

This, along with the also noted repetitive making of the same comments and asking of the same questions, can mean only one thing. Donald Trump is in the early stages of dementia.

I don't know which specific type of change his brain is undergoing, whether it is Alzheimer's, Vascular, or some other form. However, I do understand abnormal behavioral and cognitive changes in the elderly. I spent years watching a number of family members and friends experience mental failure. In this area, and like many other people, I consider myself an authority.

Dementia is one way. There is no cure. Even though partial clarity may return at times, the overall process never reverses. It can further be gradual, or rapid. Sometimes the decline is catastrophic, such as after a person who already suffers mild dementia has a fall.

Three recent events with Trump are noteworthy. Against the advice of his staff, he announced uniform import tariffs on steel and aluminum. Surprising diplomats from both South and North Korea, and of course the U.S., he declared a willingness to meet Kim Jong-un. And, he had Jeff Sessions fire Andrew McCabe, just before the latter's retirement.

There was massive backlash to all of these decisions, and he immediately softened his stance. It was clear that he neither understood the implications of his actions, nor the inevitable response to them. In other words, Donald Trump's thinking is now confused.

People with mild dementia often appear normal. They may repeat questions, but they nod along with the answers as if they understand. In many cases, they don't. If you ask them to recapitulate the explanations, they can't.

We've had a president before who was known to be suffering dementia, Ronald Reagan, but his form was for the most part not combative. Common trajectories are for people to become very combative - no longer "themselves," or in some cases peaceful. It's ironic that the pattern of lifelong angry people becoming peaceful and lifelong peaceful people becoming angry is pronounced.

One other characteristic of Reagan is that he generally followed his advisors. No doubt he perceived his decline, and felt this was the best option. While you might have disagreed with his policy (as I did), at least his actions weren't irrational.

Donald Trump, because of the pressure from his lifetime of criminality and immorality being exposed, is becoming irrational. He is further evidencing "angry" dementia, and refuses to follow his advisors. They in turn have been trying to contain him - they understand exactly what is happening, but have failed. And this is only going to get worse. As I said, dementia patients do not recover.

This is the situation for the U.S. and the world. We have a demented, angry, irrational president. Every time he does something ridiculous, we should start with this, his mental illness - what is happening in his brain.

Trump wants to be a dictator, is probably guilty of one hundred felonies, and is likely being blackmailed by Vladimir Putin. He further is impulsive, petty and vindictive. But, as serious as all of this is, what is most important is his clinical mental state.

He has to be removed from office. If he won't resign, he must be impeached, or subjected to Section 4 of the Constitution's 25th Amendment. He is approaching suitability for a nursing home, or because of his wealth, home care. However, since he is a criminal, and which the dementia does not excuse (many of his crimes date to a pre-demented state), the proper course of action, to uphold America's Rule of Law, is to arrest, try and imprison him, and also his guilty family members and staff. A basic premise of the Rule of Law is that no one is above it - no one has privileged immunity. The best way to demonstrate this is to let the investigation and then the prosecution of the president run its course.