Contact: Roland Watson, roland@dictatorwatch.org


Dictator Watch is looking for venues to display its photo exhibit Burma at War. The text pieces for the exhibit are available for review on the site, www.dictatorwatch.org (under the activist photo gallery link), but the actual images (approximately sixty) are not because of security concerns. The exhibit requires up to 100 feet of wall space – the more the better – although it can be displayed on as little as 60 feet. Virtually any surface is suitable.

Possible venues include:

- Activist events such as conferences and fairs. For a large enough event we would be willing to display for one day only.

- Locations that many people pass, such as university student centers. The intended audience of the exhibit is not Burma activists or even anti-war activists; rather, it is the general public. In such a location we would like to display for a minimum of three days.

- Formal exhibition locations such as galleries where we could display for a week or more.

To promote the exhibit we envision many possible steps. For example, in a university environment we could have the show reviewed in the student newspaper, put up fliers around campus, and invite different classes (government and other social sciences). We would also be pleased to speak about the situation in Burma to classes and other groupings and on university and community radio and TV.

If you can arrange such a location, or have other ideas about display possibilities, please let us know.