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August 30, 2017

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Note: There is ZERO accurate conflict news from the Rohingya homeland. Everything from Suu Kyi is a lie. Think of it, the new EAO, ARSA, attacks 25 or more police posts - state agents who have been terrorizing Rohingya villages, and Suu Kyi says that only ten police were killed. This has the feel of a well-coordinated ambush, and which if done properly would lead to many enemy casualties, and at every location. That the regime brought in two new battle-experienced infantry divisions infers that it may have suffered major losses. Now, large Burma Army convoys are marching around the countryside. These are too big for ARSA to ambush. They can only keep a low profile and go on the offensive when there is a small opportunity.

In summary, ARSA is attacking state agents of repression, soldiers and police. The regime is committing mass murder of civilians.

Also, never forget what started all of this - the new crisis this month. The Burma Army, the Police and local Rakhine racists have been raiding and terrorizing Rohingya villages since the last genocide ended last October. Initially following October new raids were sporadic, but in recent months they have occurred every day, in all three townships, Maungdaw, Rathedaung and Buthidaung. In the last few weeks this was up to multiple raids each day. Further, each raid has a standard pattern. The army, police and Rakhine raiders arrive at night. Everyone flees. People left behind are attacked. And then everything of value is stolen. Before this week's explosion of violence the raiders had begun to damage Rohingya houses, but by tearing them down, not with arson. Also significant, in last year's raids, initially the villagers left the women behind to try to protect their belongings. Only the men fled. After the regime started perpetrating mass rapes against the women did everyone start to flee. This year has also seen a shift on the dictatorship's part from daytime raids to at night. The regime wants to catch and abuse and kill more villagers.

So, this was the situation since last October. At that time, an ARSA soldier said that if they knew the regime's counter reaction would target villagers and lead to genocide, they would have held off. This is why there were no new attacks against regime police since then. But the repression in the last month has become so severe that they felt they had to act again. At least maybe this way the world would pay attention.

The international community needs to understand the facts on the ground, and which are publicly available including with video and photo documentation. Suu Kyi calls the Rohingya terrorists. Even a most cursory examination reveals what is actually happening and who the real terrorists are. Last October, 75,000 Rohingya fled from their homes to Bangladesh. This week it's already up to 20,000 more, who have made it to Bangladesh and been admitted or who are waiting at the border. When this many people run for their lives, there is only one explanation. The Suu Kyi/Tatmadaw dictatorship is committing genocide. Listen to their stories.