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March 11, 2017

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Last week the Permanent People's Tribunal on Myanmar's State Crimes against Rohingya, Kachin and other groups was held in London. Its objective was to determine if the actions of Burma's military dictatorship constitute crimes against humanity.

The People's Tribunal found that the charges of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide have merit, and that the regime should be indicted in a court that holds jurisdiction (e.g., the International Criminal Court). Unfortunately, this is only a recommendation. However, the conclusion has been affirmed, for the Rohingya crisis, by U.N. Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in Myanmar, Yanghee Lee. She conducted her own investigation and determined that crimes against humanity against the Rohingya are being perpetrated.

The United Nations, unlike the tribunal, has formal power. It can respond by launching a Commission of Inquiry through to action in the Security Council.

The BBC covered all of this yesterday, in its article Myanmar Muslim minority subject to horrific torture, UN says.

"Contacted by the BBC, both the UK and the EU refused to say they would support the establishment of a commission of inquiry."

"Aung San Suu Kyi, who has been in power almost a year, declined an interview."

It has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt that the military regime has committed crimes against humanity. But, there is a conspiracy of denial by those parties who have an ability to act. This is revolting. For the ethnic nationalities of Burma, it adds insult to injury.

For Suu Kyi, whatever the reason for her silence, from political calculation through to outright personal racism, at this point it doesn't really matter. It is clear not only that she won't help, but that she will continue to protect the regime savages. As I and others have argued, through this cover-up she is complicit in their crimes.

For Europe, its behavior is so bad that it is almost enough to make you wish the Nazis had won. Europe experienced the worst barbarity in history, but today's political leaders don't seem to have learned the lesson. This is apparently because it didn't happen to them personally, and since the people who suffered the worst were the Jews. Now, whenever other minorities are slaughtered around the world, they don't care, either. The leaders have no empathy at all. For Burma, they are blinded by its business prospects. They are the worst possible hypocrites. They act high and mighty - look how advanced we are with all of our social programs, but internationally they are still colonialists.

The examination that has been underway in turn raises the question, just how bad is the Tatmadaw? For example, is the dictatorship as bad as the Nazi SS, and which among other crimes ran Germany's concentration camps? Indeed, is it even possible to be as evil as that?

I would argue that the Tatmadaw and the police and, for the crimes against the Rohingya, their racist partners from the general public, are actually worse than the SS. The Nazis murdered on an industrial scale. But to my knowledge they didn't gang rape women and even little girls, and throw their baby brothers and sisters on fires or cut them in half with field knives. No doubt with some exceptions (Josef Mengele, etc.), they didn't inflict torture and pain to derive sadistic pleasure. Burma Army soldiers are serial killer pedophile sadists. It's clear they use their imagination and do the worst things they can think of. There are individual psychopaths in all countries who exhibit this behavior, sadist killers, but in Burma the dictatorship has turned them into an institution. You could even call the Tatmadaw their school. Even ISIS, when they burn people or thrown them off buildings or do mass beheadings - it's not the same thing. They are clearly trying to be as brutal as possible, to shock the world. But it doesn't seem like they achieve a sadist's blood lust and sexual satisfaction. Even though it's a rough estimate, over the last thirty years, first with the barbarity in Eastern Burma against the Karen, Karenni, Shan and Kachin, and now in the West against the Rohingya, there must be literally thousands of sexual psychopathic sadists. This is unprecedented. It's also a barrier to any future peace. Such individuals should be punished. To the extent that they are not, and they remain free in society, they will want to perpetrate new atrocities. The pattern is well known. Sadism is addictive. Really, the psychopaths feel compelled to do it. That Suu Kyi doesn't recognize this, that her beloved regime is an army of depraved monsters, is her worst failure, and denial.