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April 23, 2012

Please forward this to as many people as possible.

We have posted a new article, "Careful what you wish for," by Ohn Khin. It is an insightful analysis of the developments underway in Burma, and is well worth a read.

Also on this subject, we received a comment about our latest article, "Burma's semi-freedom scorecard," from a Cambodian pro-democracy activist. This individual laments the fact that Cambodia experienced exactly what we are now predicting for Burma. Hun Sen, with international support, was able to legitimize his dictatorship. He and his cronies then enriched themselves through deals with foreign corporations. However, the people of the country are as destitute as ever, and the natural environment has been obliterated. The writer asks: Since economic development didn't bring democracy to Cambodia, or China, or Russia, why should it work for Burma?

He closed his comment with this stark warning:

"It is too late for the Cambodian people. I have learned that we were supposed to go and "scream louder" at those who can make a policy change, not just talk amongst ourselves."

Everyone should emphatically express their views about the New Burma to the National League for Democracy, and any other groups that purport to represent them. Please send the NLD an email giving them your own ideas about the appropriate policy to achieve freedom and democracy in Burma - contact@nldburma.org

Closing note: We received word that the Burma Army has been breaking its ceasefire with the Shan State Army - North, and that 14 BA soldiers were killed in a battle last week.