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October 9, 2018
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If you are happy that the United States has its first ever openly criminal president, who gained power through conspiring with Russia and the efforts of Republican state legislators who gerrymandered voting districts to reduce Democratic representation and who also implemented other practices to deny voting rights, there is no need to vote.

If you are pleased that this president has placed a fellow sex criminal on the Supreme Court, don't vote.

If you think that it is good that the craven Republicans, led by Mitch McConnell in the Senate and Paul Ryan in the House, destroyed America's system of checks and balances, absolutely refused to act as a guard against abuses by the Executive Branch, and instead actively and openly conspired with it, then don't vote.

If you think the Republicans know better and that America's democracy, also one of the principal models for the entire world, should be eradicated and replaced by a one-party dictatorship, don't vote.

If you can be bought off by a tax cut that gives you hundreds of dollars while your wealthy betters get millions, and also not recognize that at the same time they have manipulated the oil price such that you are losing your entire annual tax savings to higher gasoline prices every month or two, don't vote.

If you are brainwashed by Fox News and believe and do what you are told and are happy as a deluded idiot, then don't vote.

BUT, if you are proud to be American, and understand that our country will periodically be assaulted by tyrants, and that when this happens it is up to you to act as democracy's final check, to sweep the tyrants into the dustbin of history, then vote, and protest, and take direct action.