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September 20, 2020
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Now we know.

The Republicans are monsters. Not all Republicans, but many if not most.

They are gleeful about the opportunity to dishonor the legacy of a great American, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

It's not just Trump. They are all sociopaths. (They have zero empathy for anyone not in their tribe.) Sure they care about money, but ultimately it is about power. They want the power to tell women what they can and cannot do; to discriminate against anyone who is not white or Christian or who does not conform to their idea of sexual preference; to deny health care to anyone who is low income; to allow the rich to get away with murder; to let corporations do literally anything; and to destroy nature to such a degree that the entire web of life breaks down. They are mad.

Above all, they want civil war. The upcoming election is the only opportunity to prevent it. Democrats must win the Presidency and the Senate. Otherwise, the third branch of the government, the Supreme Court, will be in the hands of fanatics, under an unassailable 6-3 majority, for decades to come.

This will lead to mass protests. Instead of a one million person march on Washington, it will be five million, or ten. And faced with this, the complete Republican nut jobs - the Nazi militia and the wannabe mass murderers - will attack and kill the protestors, not just one here and there but in large numbers. Some police will certainly join in. If Trump manages to steal the vote, he will order soldiers to kill Americans as well.

But this time the demonstrators will not be passive. They will fight back. There will be war, but not a neat war north against south. Instead, a chaotic war with dozens if not hundreds of pockets. American society will collapse. Trump's Russian handler, Vladimir Putin, will be beside himself with joy. (This will be the KGB officer's long-awaited revenge for the collapse of the Soviet Union.)

Trump will declare martial law, and suspend the Constitution. (The takeover of the Supreme Court is just a stepping stone.) Barr's stormtroopers will kidnap protestors en masse, and set up huge detention camps. As in other dictatorships, America will be ruled by a tyrant and subjugated using violence and fear. The civil war will rage for years. There is no way to predict how it will end.

Vote to Save America. It's that or war.