By Roland Watson
Dictator Watch

- April 21

In the wake of the publication of the redacted Mueller report - What is to be done?

- January 20

Enemy of the State

- January 5

Way to go, Rashida Tlaib: Speak truth to fascism!!!

Donald Trump, you are a motherfucking, fatherfucking traitor. Fuck you and your demon spawn, Donald Jr., Eric and Ivanka, and that piece of sidewalk chewing gum Jared. May you all receive the punishment you so clearly deserve. May you all be indicted, tried, and imprisoned for the rest of your lives. May all - 100% - of your wealth be confiscated.

Donald Trump, you are one of the very worst scourges in American History. You are so bad that there are few precedents for the extent of your treason. Benedict Arnold was an amateur compared to you. The only obvious choices are Jefferson Davis and the southern slave owners, who - just like you - wanted to destroy America; and Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, who gave nuclear secrets to the Soviet Union and who through doing so damaged America's, and the world's, security forever. Fuck you and your fellow criminals, the Republicans, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you. The Republican Party should die. It should be destroyed, never to rear its ugly head again. If you and all your fellow fascists keep up your treason, in 2020 you will lose so badly that Congress and the new President will have the majority it needs to amend the Constitution and among other things end the Electoral College, declare that corporations are not people, and restrict the second amendment. Through legislative action alone, that government will also be able to confiscate your ill gotten wealth by sharply escalating both income and estate taxes. You greedy corrupt bastards. You are a fanatical cult, bent on mass suicide and national destruction. I am sorry that you and all the other Republicans and the acolytes of Josef Goebbels at Fox News hate America so much. I am sorry that you are all power-mad sociopaths and psychopaths. Well, fuck you all. We will stop you. Our country is greater than your conspiracy and treason.

- December 25


This is about the idea of "downplaying."

There is a hilarious scene in the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail, which illustrates it perfectly. A group of knights on a quest to find the Grail encounter the "Black Knight" guarding a small bridge, and who refuses to let them pass. One then fights him, at which point he cuts off one of his arms. The Black Knight replies, "It's only a scratch."

Right now, literally everyone with a public voice is downplaying Trump and the damage he is causing. Instead, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Corey Booker, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Don Lemon, Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, Lawrence O'Donnell, Brian Williams, and countless others, should be declaring that he is a traitor, for the crimes he is perpetrating on the American people, the country, and our alliances and standing around the world.

They apparently do not want to appear strong; or anger the extremist members of his cult-like base; or they are waiting for Robert Mueller. But make no mistake, their silence is as damaging as the cheering from the propagandists at Fox.

In the most dysfunctional families imaginable, fathers rape their daughters and the wives say and do nothing. Fox and Republicans such as Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are like the father's criminal associates, who know exactly what is happening and who would like to have a go at the daughters themselves. The Democrats are the wives.
Stop ignoring and stop enabling! Oppose the abuse! Halt the crimes!

Everyone should be calling for Trump to immediately be indicted, and then arrested by the Senate Sergeant of Arms; for impeachment proceedings to be launched; and simultaneous with both of these for the initiation of Amendment 25 Section 4 removal procedures. Our political and media "leaders" need to tell the country loudly that Trump is a traitor and that he has to go, and explain the different options they intend to use to expel him from the White House. There needs to be a national conversation about this right now. We played a major role in winning World War 2, and we put people on the moon. We can certainly do this, too. We have to get rid of the bastard. The country and the world depend on it.

- December 24

This is my message this Christmas.

Donald Trump is the enemy - my enemy. It is not only that he is a monstrous human being, and his policies are both ridiculous and horrible, he is hurting me personally. Were I to be mugged, to be punched a couple of times and to have my wallet stolen, it would be nothing compared to what Trump is doing to me. Why am I not allowed to defend myself? Why are the hundreds of millions of Americans that he is injuring, not to mention the people in other lands, powerless to do anything? He has to go!!! He has to go as soon as possible! There is no other goal now for Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats. Immediately find a way to rid America of this pestilence. He is attacking us no less than the Japanese did at Pearl Harbor. We have to fight back. Defeat Trump! Free America!

- December 22

The Trump Catastrophe

- December 8

What is happening with Wall Street?

Please also see recent articles about the U.S. that are linked on the left side of the Dictator Watch homepage.

- November 7

Things are moving fast. Trump fired Jeff Sessions today and appointed as his acting replacement a Justice Department lawyer who has said publicly that Presidents can't be subpoenaed or indicted. This is designed to cover him personally, like getting Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court.

Trump has now lost his protection in the House, and the Democrats can, and with sufficient evidence they will, launch impeachment proceedings against him. There was also word last week that Mueller has secretly subpoenaed Trump, which if true his lawyers clearly are fighting.

He is cornered now. He has to get rid of the Mueller investigation and if his only option is a new Saturday Night Massacre - to find someone willing to fire Mueller, he may well do it. It didn't work for Nixon but Trump is so desperate he may try it anyway.

A new website, "Trump is not above the law," was launched today. (As I write this it appears to have crashed, no doubt from so much traffic - I saw it earlier.) There are a thousand separate demonstrations being organized for tomorrow.

- November 6

Catastrophe averted. Let the House investigations and subpoenas begin. Most importantly, Robert Mueller should now feel no restraint. The first punch has been delivered. Time for his knock-out.

- November 5

I'm sorry to be blunt, but if you hate Trump you have to vote tomorrow. The Republicans are a tribal cult. The cult members will follow orders and vote. There are more of us but we will not win if everyone doesn't go to the polls. Please vote. Defeat Trump. Defeat Tribalism in America.

- November 5

Am I the only one who recognizes the shocking consequences when an election is stolen and the voters' choices are denied.

2000: The Supreme Court stole the election from Al Gore. The result: War with Iraq based on a lie, thousands of Americans killed, trillions of dollars wasted; no response to the existential threat of global warming.

2016: Russia and the Trump Campaign conspired to commit electoral fraud and steal the presidency, even though (as in 2000) the Democratic candidate won the popular vote. The result: A full-on Republican-orchestrated effort to destroy America's democracy. A similar effort to savage the country's natural environment, as well as complete denial of global warming.

2018: If the elections for different candidates are stolen tomorrow and the Republicans maintain control of the House - ???

- October 27

Even though he despised Trump for not being hateful enough, I think I can still call him a Trump Terrorist. Why? Because he was clearly empowered by Trump, and Trump's fanatical super fan bomber Cesar Sayoc.

You can imagine his thinking: "All the Republicans love Trump, but he is nowhere near extreme enough for me. But, one of his followers did send a bunch of bombs. I should do what I have always wanted to do, too."

- October 27

People might complain, why am I making political arguments in the face of such a tragedy. The answer, as I commented after the first bombs were discovered, is: WE DO NOT KNOW WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT! Terrorist spiritual leader Donald Trump (like Osama bin Laden) has empowered a whole generation of wannabe extremists, some of whom will act. His rallies are absolutely full of them. Look at the faces of the people sitting behind him. We need to stop this now. He and his terrorists and all the Rapist Racist Republicans need to repudiated in the Midterm election. We have a chance to at least shut this down a bit on November 6.

- October 27

The Pittsburgh shooter shouted: "All Jews Must die."

Sounds like a Trump Neo-Nazi to me.

- October 26

Once again I've been watching a lot of TV commentary.

"Donald Trump has to look in the mirror and accept some responsibility."

"The people at his rallies still say it was a liberal conspiracy. How can we get through to them?"

Idiots! Donald Trump is looking in the mirror, and laughing. He wishes there were a dozen bombers.

The people at his rallies: THEY DON"T THINK. They are like rabid animals. We can't put them down, though. But how do you de-program millions of cult members? What happens on the day Trump tells them to drink the Kool-Aid?

- October 26

Stop Trump and his gang of terrorists! Protect America. Vote the Rapist Racist Republicans out of office. Do it!

Note: "Suspect Cesar Sayoc is a registered Republican with an extensive criminal history who appears to have owned dry cleaning and catering businesses, NBC News reported, citing public records."

- October 25

The American media is flailing, and failing. Journalists simply do not know how to handle Trump. They have never had to check anyone like him before.

Their basic mistake is that they are not acknowledging, and confronting, his true character and history. They are letting this slide.

Trump should be described as follows, or in similar words, again and again and again.

"President Trump is both a financial criminal and a sex criminal. He has been able to avoid conviction through strong-arm legal tactics, but the fact remains, he should be a convicted felon, and hence ineligible for any public office. He further wants to be a dictator. He wants to have absolute power and to deny the American people their voice and their human rights. He is our enemy, and he has to be opposed. Trump is a criminal. Trump is a dictator. We will not allow the United States to become like China or North Korea or Russia. We will reveal this truth and oppose him until all but his most virulent followers reject him. We will do our job until he is out of office and in jail."
Take the gloves off journalists. Fight fire with fire!

- October 24

Talk about dirty tricks!!! It's not enough to throw tens and even hundreds of thousands of Democrat voters off the rolls. This person or group is basically saying to the Republican base: We are willing to kill Democrats; you should at least be ready to vote against them.

What a "Get out the Vote" initiative!

- October 24

I think what we are looking at is someone or some group that has decided to follow the orders of the Republican Terrorist-in-Chief, Donald Trump. Trump has called for his opponents to be attacked. This is what is happening. I also don't believe that this perpetrator is the only Trump-unleashed Republican terrorist. There may be lots of other cells now working on bombs.

- October 22

Paul Krugman Warns Trump Is Poised To Disregard Democratic House Victory

I don't agree with Krugman on much, but this is an interesting take. He is saying that Trump behind the scenes is so panicked that if the Democrats take the House, and his mafia starts to collapse, he will go full rogue and try to attack America's democracy and the American people head on. In this scenario he would basically be hoping that his cultists take up arms. Personally, I think this is a little much, if only because his plan would not succeed. The election result will be implemented. Our democracy is still that strong.

- October 21

This election is going to be historic. Everyone will remember it. Vote. Be part of history.

- October 21

"It's hard to find the will. Whatever. Never mind."

Smells Like Teen Spirit, Nirvana

If you are over 18, please leave the teenage angst behind. Find your will. Vote.

- October 18

Democrats and Independents can't get complacent. Remember, Trump supporters are cultists. As with any cult, they have suspended rational belief, and blindly follow their leader. They will do whatever they are told. This means when they are ordered to vote, they will. The Republican turnout therefore will be high. If the resistance, particularly the young resistance, believes that the win for the House is in the bag, and decides not to make the effort, we will lose.

- October 13

It's worth remembering that at the core level democracy requires three things. The first is to be able to count the vote. This seems obvious - how hard is it to count after all - but it's not. This covers hacking risks, computerized ballots being fraudulently manipulated, but also just the actual process of counting. When the Supreme Court intervened in 2000 they destroyed this premise. They ended the count so Al Gore would not be President, and instead gave the position to George Bush. Five justices manipulated the election. This was a fraudulent result as well.

Second is that people in the electorate actually have the right to vote. The Republicans in the state legislatures are doing everything they can to deny the ballot to groups that might vote Democrat. This also is electoral fraud.

And finally, the people need to be able to make intelligent choices, not act like an ignorant and brainwashed mob. As this idiot shows, though, this is also a major problem, again with the Republican base. (She's clearly a Republican.) This raises the age old question, and which has many sides and dimensions: Should only certain people be allowed the vote (as occurred in ancient Greece)? The problem is it's almost impossible to devise a fair distinction, people who should be allowed versus those who shouldn't, so the default is to let everybody. We are riding on hope here, that as few voters as possible are this moronic.

- October 5

I don't think it is an overstatement to say that the Midterm Election is one of the most important votes in all of United States history. The deadline to register to vote is next Tuesday, October 9. Please register. In particular to young people who have only recently reached the voting age, please don't be apathetic. Democracy can work. With a high turnout we can rid America of the plague of racist, women hating Trump Republicans. We have to take a stand, otherwise it will get much, much worse. The only option in the future will be revolution. It's not that tedious, just register now and in November head to your local polling place. Thanks.

- October 4


It seems to me there are five degrees of sexual offenses.

!. Sexual Harassment: This includes saying or shouting lewd comments at someone, inappropriate touching, such as in an office, etc. While not technically a crime, it is suitable grounds for being fired.

All the others are crimes.

2. Sexual Assault: This is straightforward assault together with a predatory sexual component, forcing a person up against a wall, grabbing their private parts, etc.

3. Attempted Rape: When the assault has as its goal actual rape but which for some reason is not completed.

4. Rape: An outright rape, including Statutory, when the victim is below the age of consent.

5. Gang-Rape.

President Trump has committed the first, against the entire female population of America and likely many, many specific women, including employees of his own companies and of others. He has famously bragged about the second, and which well over a dozen individuals also publicly allege. Considering his parties in New York in the 1990s, where underage models where introduced to wealthy men, he is also very likely guilty of statutory rape.

His pick for the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh, is credibly accused of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and attempted rape. There is also credible evidence that he has participated in gang-rapes.

Neither Trump nor Kavanaugh are fit for any public office. They should both be the subject of FBI investigations for their sex crimes.

- October 1

The only way to deal with a bully is to beat the hell out of him, one way or another. Teach him a lesson he never forgets.

- October 1

Here is what I think should happen if the Rapist Republicans push through Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. For the very first decision that he joins and which passes only because of his presence, and which affects states, California, Massachusetts and other states should refuse to follow it. They should flat out say no. They should force the Republicans to send in the Army. They want a Constitutional Crisis. Fine. Set it up as States Rights versus Federal Government Rights and see what happens.

He should of course also be impeached the day the Democrats take control of the House. They should be drafting the articles of impeachment right now.

Democrats need to understand one thing. The Republicans don't care about anything except power, not the country, the people, or right and wrong. And they fight to win. This is war. But not just a cultural war. Real war. Stand up and fight against them for America or get the fuck out of the way and let people run the Party who will.

- September 29

Definition of a cover-up. The woman who says she was gang-raped won't get interviewed.

- September 29

To be completely clear, this is what just happened. The worst victim was a woman who said she was drugged and then gang raped. Kavanaugh was there but she was so incapacitated she's not sure if he was one of the guys who raped her or not. (Of course he did - he was one of the gang-rape leaders!). But Trump told the FBI that they cannot investigate her gang-rape.

- September 29

What a complete and utter piece of shit Donald Trump is. OK, investigate the first two victims and if the evidence is strong enough I'll nominate someone else. But don't investigate the third, since she can send him to jail. I don't want to go to jail and I don't want any of my sex criminal friends to go to jail either. So I'm going to block the investigation to make sure it doesn't happen.

This is the Republican President of the good ol US of A, a sociopathic felon. Thank you Republicans, thank you Vladimir Putin, and thank you too all you brainwashed Trump cult members. God, what is wrong with you?

- September 29

The Great Rapist Republican Cover-Up Continues - It is being reported that Trump told the FBI that they cannot investigate the allegations of Juie Swetnick, the woman who signed a legal declaration - an affidavit - saying that she had been gang-raped, and that she has witnesses to back up the charge. This is the most explosive allegation of all. If true, and I certainly believe it is, Kavanaugh would not only not go to the Supreme Court, he would go to jail. Just like Bill Cosby.

Sex criminal Trump must not be allowed to protect a fellow sexual predator!

- September 28

Everyone needs to understand, if the Republican senators back this rapist and he is approved, this is not the end of it. Kavanaugh will be followed and tormented for every day of the rest of his life. There are 129 million adult women in the U.S. right now, and they - and their daughters - and sons - will never forget. Neither will the tens of millions of adult men who appreciate and treasure women, who are not part of the scumbag Trump Republican women hating cult. He will resign on his own when the pressure becomes too much to bear. We will break this fucking serial rapist!!!

- September 27

Some notable Republican accomplishments.

They stole the Presidential election from Al Gore.
They lied about WMD and went to war with Iraq.
They upheld Citizens United and let "corporate free speech" take over American elections.
They caused the financial crisis.
They blocked legitimately elected President Obama from pursuing his agenda and from appointing a SC Justice solely because he was African-American.
They let demented fascist criminal Trump take over their party and then slavishly followed him.
They betrayed and corrupted America, its ideals and history and laws, again and again and again.

- September 27

To everyone in the first decade or two over 18, vote in November or say goodbye to your freedom. The Republicans are hell bent on establishing a one-party dictatorship, and if you don't vote they will get it. Our system of government and our Constitution are strong, but they are not strong enough. Over time America will become like China and Russia and Cambodia and Burma, maybe some day even as bad as North Korea. It already is a dictatorship of course, by the rich over everyone else and by men over women, but it isn't an Absolute Dictatorship. This is the Republican goal. Most of you probably don't know what it is like to live in an absolute dictatorship. I've been an activist against the rulers of one - Burma - for 24 years. Life for the people of Burma is terrible. Remember one thing. It can always get worse. Vote!

- September 16

Do you condone the mass kidnapping of children? Are you a racist and do you support the outright murder of minorities by police? Do you so hate women that you think rape is justifiable, including by a Supreme Court nominee? If so, congratulations. You are a Real Republican.

- July 30

Good article. (in the link below)

The following quote describes the core attitude of the millions of Trump fascist true believers.

"you need to think about it like a war. When you're at the warfront, you just want the best guy next to you. You don't care what his morality is, it's just, 'Can you shoot that guy over there?'"

They think America is at war with itself. They fully expect that someday it may become a massive violent war like the Civil War. That's why they are so fanatical about guns. They anticipate that they will have to use them - against other Americans. They are peering out their windows, waiting for the apocalypse. The poor deluded nutjobs. Clinton called them deplorables. That's much too kind, and in any case it's inaccurate. They are brainwashed zealots, one small step away from acting like al-Qaeda or ISIS. When people have undisciplined minds, they are easy prey for any type of fundamentalist ideology, particularly when they first hear it from their parents and their so-called religious leaders.

- July 22

There is so much speculation about (1) Trump refusing to acknowledge Russian interference in the 2016 election, and (2) Republicans refusing to criticize Trump. I guess the commentators are paid by the word because the answers couldn't be clearer. If Trump accepts that Russia influenced the election, that makes him an illegitimate president - he is! If Republicans confront him over his manifold misdeeds, the Party will unquestionably lose control of both the House and the Senate in the midterms. Neither Trump nor the Republican leaders care a damn about the interests of the country and the American people, only their own positions and power.

- July 18

Trump had a private 2 hour meeting with Putin in Helsinki, only translators. Democrats want the American translator to reveal what was said. They are missing the point. What really matters is - did the American translator for Trump ever leave the room? Did the Russian translator for Putin also translate for Trump, so only three people were present - Putin, a Russian translator spy, and Trump, Putin's blackmailed American agent?

Trump is a traitor and anyone who supports him is a traitor as well.

Be a traitor this November. Vote Republican.

- July 6

Thirty years ago, when I first started traveling internationally, I would say that the American government may be terrible but the people are good and the country is beautiful. Now, close to half the people are bad as well, or just plain brainwashed idiots, and while a lot of natural areas are still nice many places have been paved over into housing sprawl and strip malls and are ruined. Unregulated capitalism combined with its partner plutocracy, all based on human selfishness and greed, and that's what you get.

- June 27

The last piece of the puzzle is that we have representative democracy. We elect leaders, and then - foolishly - expect them to do what is best for us and for the country. But power corrupts. Most leaders, once chosen, focus instead on staying in office, and then when they are finally removed, profiting from it - the so-called revolving door.

Representative democracy isn't really democracy. It is not government by the people. Were the United States to be governed by the actual people now, Trump and the fascist Republicans would be stopped dead in their tracks. Most people are humane, not extremists. There would be reasonable approaches to immigration; and racism and prejudice; and inequality; and health care; and the environment; and the national debt; and education, infrastructure and economic development; and relations with other countries, both friend and foe. The majority consistently oppose Trump on all issues. We could and would do a much better job.

- June 27

How did we get here? Things can't get this bad without an extraordinary series of events. Among the most notable:

Obama, one of the weakest presidents ever, who never stood up to Republican obstruction, and who dictators worldwide treated as their bitch, looked the other way when he was informed that Vladimir Putin was manipulating the election to choose his successor.

FBI Director James Comey committed treason.

The Republican National Committee and the most important people in the Party, its network of billionaire funders and its top officials, did nothing when a racist, sex abuser, film flam man executed a hostile takeover.

All the idiots in America, especially in the Armed Forces, who fell for his con (and of course the racist women-hater Neo-Nazis who absolutely love him).

Pelosi, Schumer, Warren, Bernie Sanders, etc., who watched while McConnell destroyed the Supreme Court nomination process by refusing to certify Obama's choice of Garland (and Obama himself - again - for not fighting this), and then did nothing to block Trump's own nomination of Gorsuch.

As a result of these and related events, the people of the United States now have no credible leadership, none whatsoever at the national level. The country is in the hands of a gang of power-mad sociopaths, who through their control of the longest lasting branch of government have the ability to harm the nation for decades to come, and so severely that literally a second Revolution may be required to right the wrong. Americans have fought Americans before. It can certainly happen again.

- June 27

In overall impact this has the potential to be of greater scale than the attack on Pearl Harbor. It's true that 418,500 Americans died in World War II, but we won it, and two decades of peace and prosperity followed. Had we stopped the Russians and then the Chinese from also getting nukes, the entire world would still be at peace. Now, though, and while no one will die, we may well lose a war that many people do not even realize is being fought, and where countless Americans have blindly allied with our enemies. The Fourth Reich may be established in America.

Hitler is applauding Trump and the Republicans from the fiery pits of Hell. They are now poised to accomplish what he could not.

- June 27

The United States, right now, is engaging in extreme self-harm. It is slicing its wrists with a razor blade, one cut after another.

- June 27

Everyone says, have faith in Robert Mueller. This is naive. Fellow Republican FBI head Comey is the reason why Trump is President in the first place. The Russia/Trump campaign collusion wasn't sufficient on its own - although it was illegal - to rig the vote. What Comey argued is that he was being extremely careful, and that it was right for him to kneecap Clinton - she was going to win after all - he said that!, by revealing the investigation of her emails, while keeping secret his investigation of Trump.

Mueller is also being "careful." He is waiting until his own investigation is complete. He doesn't want to influence the midterm elections.

But if his prosecutors already have sufficient evidence to indict Trump for conspiracy, to secure charges from a Grand Jury, shouldn't they do it? Shouldn't they inform the American people and file something in Court? They are being negligent by staying silent as Trump steamrolls the Rule of Law and the Supreme Court. How is this any different from Comey's biased inaction?

We should be prepared. What will we do if Mueller refuses to indict Trump even though he has substantial evidence of his guilt? What if Mueller, like Comey and now Justice Kennedy, does his part to help Amertica down the road to dictatorship?

- June 27

America is in real trouble now. Trump already says he doesn't believe in Due Process. With a Fascist Supreme Court, he may well get his way. What is a country with a Supreme Court that doesn't believe in the Rule of Law? A dictatorship of course.

If it comes to it, all Democratic representatives in Congress and the non-fascist justices on the Supreme Court should provoke a constitutional crisis. The four justices should resign as a block. Then the Congressional representatives should say that the Court is illegitimate, and that they will not allow any appointments until its constitutional mandate is redrafted, with term limits, and submitted to a popular referendum. Indeed, if need be all the Democrats in Congress should also resign as a block.

Trump, McConnell, Ryan and their co-conspirators are traitors to America. They want to destroy the country. It is already effectively a plutocracy for the superrich. They want to make this by law and in perpetuity. The United States of America shall not be China, or Russia, or North Korea!

- June 27

How can any progressives back the centrist Republicans Pelosi and Schumer (and Hillary Clinton) who surrendered to McConnell and allowed him to block Obama's replacement for Scalia, thereby letting Trump appoint Gorsuch and now Kennedy's successor? I firmly believe that Trump will be removed and that the dictatorship wet dreams of the fanatical right wing Christian true believers will be repudiated. Fuck you, you are all Neo-Nazis!

This means we will have in the future a truly progressive government, both the Executive and Legislative, reflecting the liberal development of history and the egalitarian benefits of science and technology, faced off against a pro-Dred Scott bring back slavery and women in bare feet Judicial. It is absolutely way past time to remove the lifetime appointments of the unelected judges. They should have ten year max tenures, if not less. We are now faced with judicial dictatorship. It will not stand!