January 2023

When you understand how Republicans view the election, how they actually see it, you realize that our approach to them is all wrong. Trump is calling for "The Final Battle." To Republicans, this means the end of the world, the biblical apocalypse and the Rapture, when they will all miraculously be transported to Heaven. Everyone not a Republican is evil and destined to an eternity in Hell and the only true course is to follow the new Savior, Jesus Christ's Second Coming, Donald Trump. These are the End Times. This chapter is over. It is the Final Judgment and Heaven for them and Hell for us, now - this year.

This is what they really believe, not only deep in their hearts but out loud in their "churches." They are cultists, fanatics, extremists. They have abnormal psychology. Their blood brothers are the Taliban and ISIS. That they have not yet engaged in mass violence is only because America remains a nation of laws. They openly advocate for a new Civil War. They lust to kill and would do it in a heartbeat if they thought they could get away with it. This is one of the main reasons why they love Trump - he speaks their fantasies.

And to this we offer reasoned arguments. Reasoning with a Trump Republican is like arguing with an animal that has rabies. They are gone. All you can do is confront their larger tribe, and try to wake up those people who are not yet infected.

Here's an idea: Pay for billboards in Trump strongholds and display messages like these:

Vote for the Antichrist - Vote Trump
Serve Satan - Vote Trump
Vote for a Rapist - Vote Trump
Attack America - Vote Trump
Destroy Democracy - Vote Trump