February 2022

Just a short note about the U.S. In recent days there have been a couple of articles written by progressives in rural Republican strongholds, about how afraid they are because all the locals are doing is talking - fantasizing - about killing Democrats. The locals hate Democrats so much they want to slaughter them. Donald Trump's Final Solution, if you will. Neo-Nazism American-style.

Why is this? Why is their hate so extreme?

They have been caught out in a lie, and are dying for it - in large numbers. Cases of Covid in the U.S. are falling but deaths are still very high, at least 2,000 a day. And almost all of these people are unvaccinated, meaning they are Republicans. People in the farmlands and the ranch lands are seeing more and more of their friends and family members die, week after week, and they can't stand it. Particularly since they know the reason couldn't be simpler - they won't protect themselves with the vaccine. Their pride and their loyalty to their Nazi leaders is so great that they just can't do it. So they are afraid, wondering when it might come for them, and also horrified as their loved ones fall.

Meanwhile, all is well in Democrat-land - they are vaccinated. They didn't succumb to the brainwashing. They got the shots as soon as they could. So they aren't dying.

The Republicans are furious about this. Apoplectic. Incandescent. They are so angry there are literally no words to describe it. So the only solution - to them - is to kill the Democrats. That's what they want. In restaurants and bars across the "Heartland," that's what they are talking about. The Democrats won't join the mass-suicide, so they have to be helped.

This is what is really happening in America now. it's not a divide or a chasm or even a Grand Canyon. It's war. The Republicans want a one-party dictatorship - who cares about democracy, and they want all their perceived enemies to die. Out of spite. Out of self-hatred, which they refuse to admit - that they were so stupid to go along with all the lies.

I don't think we will see a new civil war, because the Nazi leaders know it would be a disaster, but I am certain their followers want it.