April 2007

In April, Burma Army units attacked villages in the Naw Yoo Hta village tract in Lu Thaw Township, Mu Traw District, Karen State. In Hta La Kho they burned a large school and church to the ground. The school had one hundred and twenty students and eleven teachers.

The following villages were also destroyed (date and time of attacks noted). Two villagers, Saw Maung Talt (46 years old) and Saw All Kar (67) were unable to escape in time and were murdered. All of the residents of the ninety-five households are now internally displaced persons (IDPs)

Taw Ku Mu Dell 12 houses April 4 10 am
Bo Na Dell 7 April 7 4 pm
Htee See Kee 17 April 22 2 pm
Htee Bweet Kee 16 April 22 8 am
Kay Pu 18 April 28 noon
Baw Lay Dell 21 April 29 5 pm
Day Bu Plaw 4 May 7 11 am

These photos show what the school and church used to look like. The second has images of the Karen New Year celebration. All of these children have had to flee for their lives and hide in the forest as IDPs, instead of studying in school in security and peace where they have a right to be.

The burned remains of the school

A dead buffalo, shot and then burned by the Burma Army

IDPs on the run

IDP shelters