July 2003

Source: FBR, the photos are from 2001 through the present. Caution: These images are very strong. They are not suitable for children.

We apologize to these individuals, who were murdered by the SPDC, for showing them in this way, and also for our inaction, humanity's inaction, in not defeating the Burmese dictators long ago, before they were killed. The murder in Burma has gone unanswered for far too long. Justice screams out for satisfaction.

We only present the photos so that the crimes committed against the victims are remembered and so that someday the murderers will be held responsible.

As the photos show, the worst crimes imaginable are being committed in the forests and mountains (and towns and prisons) of Burma. The dictators believe that they can escape blame, because the world will never see. They are wrong. Organizations such as the Free Burma Rangers, Dictator Watch, and others, are bringing their crimes to light. Someday they will pay!