April 2007

These are photos of a camp in which a large number of Karen and Karenni internally displaced persons have built shelters. After their villages were burned, they fled towards Thailand, but have not been granted entry. Their situation is precarious.

Smiling faces in adversity. Children are remarkably resilient, although they shouldn't have to be. There is no reason these girls and their families should have been driven from their homes. The generals of the SPDC and the field officers who follow their orders to murder, rape and pillage are nothing less than barbarians. It is amazing that in the 21st century the world still has such savages.

The IDPs have built a rudimentary school for the children.

They have also set up a clinic, with medicine provided by foreign donations. Since this is located inside Burma, almost nothing has been given by the nations of the "International Community." They refuse to support "cross-border" assistance, even though this is where help is needed most.

This is a war zone.

Eastern Burma has one of the highest child mortality rates in the world (in part because their is no systematic provision of emergency assistance). Since this boy was able to reach care, we retain the hope that he recovered.