December 30, 2002- January 20, 2003

The following are images from a turn of the year humanitarian mission into Burma. There is also an associated summary report.

These are the remains of a Karen home that was burned by the Burmese army. There are thousands of similar ruins throughout Karen State. This is what ethnic cleansing looks like.

This is also a photo of ethnic cleansing. To the SPDC all Karen have to go, including the elderly and children. These two sisters were shot during a Burmese army attack on October 30, 2002. Their uncle was killed in the attack and three other family members were also shot. For the younger girl in the photo, the bullet remains inside. Her sister suffered a serious arm wound (notice the scar). This incident is described more fully in our Reasons to be a Refugee photo essay.

Here a relief team nurse treats an IDP, a woman who is an internally displaced person, who has been forced to flee her home.

In this photo a medic is removing land mine shrapnel from a village girl's leg. The SPDC have placed land mines throughout Karen State, in particular around villages from which people have been forced to flee, to prevent their return home.

Treatment of another land mine victim.

Relief teams are the only sources of emergency medical and dental care in certain regions of Karen State, but their efforts are not limited to such assistance. They also provide educational materials, Bibles and hymnals, and toys and clothing.

IDP children receive "Good Life Club" hats, packs and school supplies. Even though they have lost their homes, this assistance demonstrates to the children that not all of life is suffering and that there are many people in the world who are good, who do care for them, and who do want to help.