FBR Mission in Kler Lwe Htu District (Naunglybin District) at MoneTownship.
27 September to 16 October 2004.

Due to continued fighting between the KNU and the SPDC military regime (despite the cease fire) it was necessary for an FBR team to supply immediate needs in Kler Lwe Htu district. Many Karen people here are facing immediate security, food, education and health needs due to the human right's abuses of the Burma Army.

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FBR team treats IDP child in Kler Lwe Htoo District, Karen State

IDP in Kler Lwe Htoo District, Karen State

Relief team treats IDPs

Villagers in Kyeh Ja pave a road as forced labor for the Burma Army. The road goes from Aung Soe Moe to Tha Bo Burma Army camp, Naunglybin District, Karen State. (23 October 2004)

Entrance to the Burma Army LIB 351's Aung Soe Moe camp

The following human rights abuses by the Burma Army were reported.

- Captured, tortured and killed innocent villagers
- Burnt houses, left victims for dead
- Demanded chicken and pork from villagers
- Four innocent villagers captured and forced to guide Burma Army soldiers
- Miscellaneous items from village stolen (clothes, pots, mosquito nets, mats, food, sewing machine, knives, sheets, etc.)
- Forced villagers to build an office for soldiers
- Damaged, stole and cut down betel nut trees

The FBR team visited four village areas and treated a total of 879 patients. The most common ailments were: malaria (282), anemia (102), and gastric problems (62). Medical problems ranged from abscesses and ring worm to dysentery and miscellaneous wounds.

In the area we conducted the relief mission, the Burma Army exerts almost complete control and it is very difficult to provide needed relief and to avoid detection. The villagers suffer under the oppression of the Burma Army and so we will continue to try to help them as much as we can.


This interview concerning a woman suffering due to the oppression of the Burma Army and the following description of torture and murder by the Burma Army are two examples of the terrible situation people are faced with here.

Name - Naw Xx
Age - 70
Occupation - cultivator
Nationality - Sgaw Karen
Village - Thein Nweh Kee

Naw Xx is a widow and lives at Bway Ko Lu village in Saw Ka Der tract. She has 3 children but her middle son was shot and killed by SPDC soldiers in 2001. Her sight is dim and she can only see things or people in the daylight where there is no shadow.

She said, "The Burma Army soldiers came into my village (Bway Ko Lu), shot and killed my son, took me away outside my house and then burnt down my house. I was in the jungle for two days, thirsty and starving because my eyes could not see anything."

After two days, her other son found her and took her back. The FBR team found, helped, encouraged, and prayed for this woman.

Torture and murder:

- On 29/9/04 the LIB 599 captured Mg Win Myit and Tin Win. They tortured and killed Tin Win.

- On 13/10/04 they tortured Mg Win Myit's face, hands and legs using a knife and then released him, although he was forced to report daily to the troops.