We interviewed all the soldiers in the camp. The results are summarized on the next board, and specific anecdotes from their lives are given on the boards which accompany their portraits.

- Name
- Age
- Type of childhood (village, farm, town, refugee camp)
- How many years in a refugee camp
- How much school
- Married? Any children? Where is their family, are they safe, and how long has it been since they’ve seen them?
- Have they ever had to flee from the SPDC? In what circumstances?
- Have there been any deaths in their immediate family? When? What happened?
- How many years in the KNLA? If since childhood, what were the circumstances of their joining?
- Any combat wounds
- Current brigade, battalion and rank
- Summary of their action experience: number of firefights, major battles, actions in which drugs were involved? (Note: we did not ask if they had killed anyone.)

Most times with photos of rebels from distant conflicts, all you see are men and boys - and sometimes women and girls - with guns. You know nothing of them as people, as real individuals. Our goal through the survey, photos and anecdotes is to personalize the soldiers in the KNLA, to let you know something about who they are and the struggles that they face, which struggles are far from over.