Dictator Watch is against the death penalty and execution, and this includes its use in war. When soldiers kill each other, they are enforcing the sentences of capital punishment dictated by their superiors. War is mass, systematic, capital punishment, carried out by its promoters and commanders using common soldiers as the executioners and executionees.

We ask you, which parties are responsible for the civil war in Burma, and what should be their punishment?

- For the commanders, the generals of SLORC/SPDC, including Ne Win (and his daughter)?

- For its promoters, those parties which benefit directly, including international investors such as Unocal, TotalFinaElf and Premier Oil, starting with their executives, both senior and field, and Boards of Directors; and also all the regional autocracies, and the propaganda organs thereof, which through the continuation of dictatorship in Burma ensure that pressure is diverted from their own criminal regimes?

- For those “civilized” nations, the elected leaders and diplomats thereof, and also the United Nations, which obfuscate and never seriously mount an opposition; which refuse to act on principle? Every day of their “diplomacy,” which seems designed to ensure that nothing ever changes, brings more individuals killed, more children orphaned, more women raped, more slave labor, and more villages burned, fields destroyed, and livestock and crops stolen.

If you do not oppose it, you are complicit in it.