Pangsang Meeting, May 1-6, 2015

1. We reject the use of force. Political problems have to be solved by political means.

2. All ceasefire groups and non-ceasefire groups must have the right to sign the NCA.

3. The fighting in Northern Shan State and Kachin State must stop because it causes distrust.

4. Human rights violations in ethnic areas must stop.

5. The constitution has to be amended to guarantee ethnic rights, self-determination and a federal union.

6. We will not secede from the union

7. Fighting in Northern Burma must stop and the U.N. and China must monitor the ceasefire.

8. There must be all-inclusive political dialogue that includes the government, parliament, the army, political parties, EAOs and civil society organisations.

9. We all live together in the union, so we should have mutual respect and help each other. We need to build unity between Burmese and non-Burmese.

10. A group that includes representatives of all EAO groups should negotiate with the government and participate in political dialogue.

11. Conference participants support the proposal for the formation of a Wa State.

12. The United Wa State Party/Army will organise another EAO leaders conference at a convenient time.

From Burma Ceasefire Agreement: One step forward, two steps back, by Mark Inkey in Asian Correspondent, May 08, 2015. Statement translated by Sai Leik, Myanmar Peace Monitor.