The Earth is not dying, it is being killed, and the people who are killing it have names and addresses.

Dictator Watch intends to create a directory of the individuals responsible for the widespread crimes against nature perpetrated by humanity upon the earth and its creatures. This directory will include the sources of death and destruction that come from industry, government, and also other institutions. For example, many religious organizations, through their beliefs and practices, have terrible environmental consequences. The directory is intended to serve as a resource and guide for activists worldwide.

Note: This effort was originally a dual campaign with the Earth First! Journal, the leading environmental journal in the world. The first two installments were published in the Journal. Unfortunately, we at DW became so involved with other issues and crises, particularly in Burma, that we were unable to submit new installments on a regular basis. For this reason we have decided to make it solely a DW effort, and will prepare new lists and analyses periodically as time permits.

Also, we welcome submissions.

A few of our ideas:

- Extractive: Timber, oil & gas, mining, pulp and paper, ranching and farming, etc.
- Land development: Commercial, residential/sprawl.
- Consumer: Globalization, chain stores.
- Biotech: Big pharmaceutical and biotech, niche genetix (GE, cloning, xeno), brain researchers (much neurological research involves animal vivisection).
- Other industries: Nuclear and chemical, “waste” management, automotive, tourism, computers and communications, media and advertising, scientists and technologists, animal exploitation.
- Dictatorial political systems and their subordinate government agencies: Country by country, starting with the countries where the stakes are highest and where the most environmental destruction is taking place.
- Other institutions: Supranational groupings, religious organizations, international finance organizations, academic institutions, labor unions, etc.
- Any other good ideas y’all might have.

For submissions, there is no need to limit your ideas to organization leaders. We also want to expose company field and division executives, lab researchers, government legislators and agency heads, judges and police, professors, missionaries, etc.

For each individual, our goal is to compile a mini-dossier, including:

1. Photo (where available), full name, and organization name.
2. The individual’s compensation information (where available). We intend to point out how well these people are rewarded for their destruction by our current social structure.
3. Contact info, including organization website, HQ address, phone and fax numbers.
4. Concrete examples of the organization, and individual’s, Earth and life destroying activities, both direct and indirect, i.e., why they are on the list.

The linked lists below are provided for the purposes of identification and protest only. (Such identification is the same as mainstream media exposés of corrupt politicians and business leaders, such as the executives at Enron.) It would be completely unethical to act against these individuals in any other way.

Too often the people who are responsible for society’s ills are cloaked in anonymity. Other than within their own unethical circles, no one knows what they are doing or for which abominations they are responsible. This veil of anonymity must be torn away. We want these individuals to feel embarrassment and humiliation, but not fear. They are, after all, alive, too, and our goal is to treasure and protect life. If enough people protest them, if they lose enough face, they will understand that what they are doing is wrong and that they should stop. All crimes against nature must end!

Protest lists

Cloning update and agricultural biotechnology
Real estate developers