“The classic axiom is that the pen is mightier than the sword. The modern restatement of this is: is the pen mightier than the bank account?” (FFF, Society)

What we want you to do
1. Recognize that you have been brainwashed since birth (See also the “Are you a dictator?” campaign), and have taken on many cultural values that have nothing to do with - that are regularly in opposition to - your well being. Such values serve only our social institutions, which, rather than existing to help us satisfy our needs, function only to fulfill their own selfish interests, i.e., the interests of their leaders and owners. Furthermore, you should understand that the amount of your brainwashing is directly proportionate to the amount of TV, the number of films, and the number of advertisements, which you have seen.

2. Reject all for-profit advertising. Never do what any such ad tells you to do. (Public service ads, on the other hand, are generally acceptable and regularly laudatory.)

3. As described below, complain to the sponsors, producers and broadcasters (or publishers) of the worst ads and TV, computer game and film content.

What we intend to do
1. We want to encourage complaints against corporate advertisers, advertising agencies, and media producers and broadcasters, regarding program content, ad content, etc. To facilitate this, we have prepared a sample complaint letter.

2. We believe that “freedom of the press” is now regularly used as a false flag, as an excuse to support the worst forms of propaganda and brainwashing. In particular, we believe hat much of the advertising which is prepared in support of the profit motive constitutes culpable, punishable abuse. We will work to establish and prosecute such corporations, agencies, producers and broadcasters for their behavioral manipulation and brainwashing. We intend to help extend the tobacco industry precedent to all advertisers which use the techniques of behavioral manipulation, beginning with companies which manufacture products which are targeted at children.

(We also note, with interest, that France has enacted a law against “mental manipulation,” which was directed at Scientology.)

3. Activists are regularly ridiculed and demonized in the media, and we will work to counteract this. We intend to publicize the Activist Exchange links directory to students, teachers, etc., to increase the involvement of the general public in activist causes. And, we will work to convince major media outlets to present the views of activists fairly; and to accept independently produced public service ads, specifically, ads which counter the conformist/materialist/determinist values of the corporate world.