November 2023

When Hamas attacked Israel - I mean stolen Palestinian land occupied by Israelis, it in a number of locations perpetrated completely reprehensible acts. Because of this one knew the Israeli government response from extremist Prime Minister Netanyahu would itself be extreme. This was all the more inevitable since the country had America's full backing, both politically and militarily - the U.S. supplies the bombs. For the first we also now know that Secretary of State Blinken, who is Jewish, is the type of Jew who supports Netanyahu, not one of the many, many Jewish people who oppose him (and the repression of the Palestinians). This in turn means that Blinken is a religious bigot, since as Deputy SOS under Obama he looked the other way when Burma perpetrated genocide against the Rohingya Muslims (and is now perpetrating crimes against humanity against the general public of the country, much of which is Buddhist). Oh well, very few political leaders hold firm moral principles (and diplomats are the worst).

Because of all this I said at the time that it would be a numbers game, that Israel would only be satisfied when some multiple of their own dead were killed. Had the Prime Minister not been Netanyahu, the multiple would have been small. There could then have been a massive international refocus on the Two-State Solution. With Netanyahu, though, the multiple is now over 13 (16,000 dead Gazan Palestinians versus 1,200 Israelis, although it is 1,600 dead Palestinian children versus 30 Israeli children - that's a multiple of 53), but it has slowed down somewhat because American acceptance of and complicity with Israel's barbarity is starting to reverse. It is clear the Israel Defense Force (IDF) is seeking to make Gaza unlivable, to drive the 2 million Palestinians away (and presumably to take the land for Israel afterwards). (The D in IDF is a misnomer.)

For anyone unfamiliar with what we are seeing, this is a "Blood Feud." It is one of humanity's oldest forms of savagery. When someone attacks you, you wipe them out. There is no doubt whatsoever that if Israel did not have to pay a political cost, it would decimate the Palestinians. The Palestinians, though, notwithstanding the Post-Catastrophe groups like Hamas (the Catastrophe, aka, the Nakba, was the beginning of the mass land theft by the Zionists in 1948, when 75% of Palestine instantly became Israel), had their land not been stolen, would be unlikely to have wanted to eradicate the Jews living in Palestine. (Hamas would never even have existed.) But now 75 years after the Catastrophe and with Palestine almost gone, there are no doubt a number of groups who would be happy to see Israel and the Israelis destroyed.

Again, it is a blood feud. In history what happened is one side won and the other disappeared. This is something the world will not tolerate anymore, though, at least in a highly visible region. So the oppression is only likely to continue. What is different in this case is that one of the foes has the backing of a superpower. (David and Goliath are allies!) For the Palestinians, only never-ending heartbreak can result. With the obsession of Netanyahu, and the backing of both Democrats and Republicans in America (many of whom are funded by pro-Zionist groups like AIPAC), Palestine may well disappear.

In closing, here is a brief history lesson, about terrorism. The Catastrophe didn't start out of the blue. Two years earlier, in 1946, the Jewish Irgun Zionists launched a terror attack against the British Mandatory authorities of Palestine at the King David Hotel. This is part of what led the British to leave, and to back the formation of Israel.

91 people were killed in the Irgun terrorism. One of the leaders of the attack was Menachem Begin, who later became an Israel Prime Minister. He also founded Netanyahu's Likud party. So a political party founded by a terrorist is now conducting a war of terror against the Palestinians. It is the Zionist terrorism which ultimately precipitated terrorism in support of the Palestinians. They started the Blood Feud.