November 2023

What did they expect! Netanyahu and his ministers are genocidal maniacs. Their goal is to drive the Palestinians (at least those in Gaza) into the sea. They don't care about the children; they don't care about anything. To them the Palestinians are subhuman. They are just clearing the land so they can complete their theft and conquest.

This conflict has thousands of years of history but the modern version began in 1946. True, many commentators say the modern era actually began earlier with the Balfour Declaration in 1917, when the U.K. Foreign Secretary wrote to the leader of the British Jewish community saying there should be a Jewish homeland in Palestine. (So a colonial leader triggered what became a monumental land theft and refugee crisis.) But 1946 was the year of the Irgun Zionist terror attack against the British Mandatory authorities of Palestine at the King David Hotel (not a very nice payback for the gift from the Declaration!). The Palestinian Catastrophe or "Nakba" began two years later, when three quarters of Palestine was just turned into Israel.

91 people were killed in the Irgun terrorism. (One wonders how long this terrorist death count held up as the world record - until 9/11?) One of the leaders of the attack was Menachem Begin, who later became an Israel Prime Minister. He also founded Netanyahu's Likud party. So a political party founded by a terrorist is now conducting a war of terror against the Palestinians. True, the Hamas attack was terrorism too (they killed non-combatants), so what we are looking at is terrorism reprisals for terrorism. But of course Israel has a huge military and which is armed by the United States. Witness the bomb craters that killed all the children at the Jabalia refugee camp (and which was created by the U.N. at the beginning of the Catastrophe - that's why there are buildings there - it's been a refugee camp since just after World War 2). Who do you think made the bombs? American tax dollars are paying for the weapons of terrorism.

The solution is simple. End all military aid to Israel as a way to force them to accept a Palestinian nation, and with the return of stolen territory and with the Palestinians in control of East Jerusalem. Things seem impossible until they are not. Just do it. America needs a leader who will pull the plug.

As for the many, many good hearted Jewish people who are just as upset about what is happening as the Palestinians, your objective is simple: Force the Israeli government to Free Palestine. There is no other option.