[FFF, Economics and Development]

“Real development, the type of development which should be our goal, is social or cultural development: the achievement of our social goals. And what are our social goals? The following is a prospective list:

- Voluntary control of our breeding, to reduce the pressures from overpopulation.
- The protection of all natural habitats, with minimal human impact thereon, and as natural resources are needed for industry and agriculture, the minimal, least impact, and sustainable extraction therefrom.
- Human happiness, through the satisfaction of our needs as individuals.
- An ethical society, where people care for others as well as for themselves.
- The construction of a social infrastructure which guarantees all people access to quality education, health care, housing, transportation and basic utilities.
- The preservation of cultural history and traditions, including such things as languages, arts and crafts, and environmental knowledge.
- Opportunity equality.
- Within reasonable tolerances, wealth equality.
- A meritocracy.
- No intolerance or discrimination; rather, a celebration of diversity.
- A level society, where the disadvantaged are given support and assistance.
- A level society, which does not sink to the lowest common denominator, but rather in which individuals strive to achieve personal creativity, excellence and sophistication.
- A highly productive society, with a great store of wealth, thereby minimizing work requirements and maximizing the time available for leisure and personal development.
- A stable society; one at peace, in equilibrium, and undergoing a natural process of evolution with minimal disruption and unrest.”

© Roland O. Watson 2001-3