February 28: President Biden was the first world leader to talk about the coup. And he did it himself, on camera, and was strong. Now, a month later, Min Aung Hlaing is perpetrating mass murder.

He has to do something. A core part of his policy is to consult with allies, to distinguish himself from Trump, who never did it. But Europe is no doubt shouting, "Don't do anything."

If Europe won't act, too, Biden will have to go it alone. He doesn't have a choice.

But, this is not a negative obligation. To save a nation is among the most positive things that you can do. He shouldn't view this crisis as a burden, but as an opportunity: to save Burma, to demonstrate that America can be a positive world leader, and to underline his determination to support democracy at the very beginning of his Administration.

February 28: To be blunt, what we are seeing has happened again and again, most recently against the Rohingya, Arakan, Karen, Kachin, and the many peoples of Shan State. Why wasn't there any international outrage over that? Is it because it is on camera now? Or is it because it is in the cities and economic interests are at stake?

It is ALWAYS about money. When the dictatorship tried to exterminate the Rohingya, that was viewed as "bad," but not something that you really needed to stand against, because it didn't affect business interests. But this is different. International business, at least from the West and probably also from Japan, is over. And it will never be able to resume until the dictatorship is gone.

Not to be cynical, but the International Community finally has a good reason - to them - to do what it takes to get rid of the junta.

February 28: The United States just did a surgical air strike on a pro-Iranian militia in Eastern Iraq, because it had attacked U.S. positions in the country.

The people of Burma are not Americans. But we should do surgical airstrikes against the Tatmadaw terrorist leaders, because it is the right thing to do.

The people of the country will be our ally for 100 years. But that doesn't really matter. We should help them because it is the right thing to do.

Stop the murder!

February 28: There is a very simple way to end this and to save lives. And it doesn't even involve the use of personnel - special forces. And it is something the U.S. military has done many, many times.

Using electronic surveillance, identify the locations of Min Aung Hlaing and Than Shwe. Then send in armed drones to take them out. You don't even have to take credit for it. Just let the regime collapse from the top once the other generals realize they are being picked off.

Yes, I am calling for the United States to kill the terrorist leaders of Burma. Is that shocking? Over the decades they have murdered 30 times if not 100 times as many people as bin Laden. It is infinitely better that they die than one more person from the country.

February 28: Burma must be shunned like North Korea. Every single international business in the country must leave. If they won't go willingly, force them to. Get the fuck out Total and Chevron! Shut down every large project and industrial zone and mine. Then the country should be subjected to a naval and air blockade. Then the U.S. and the U.K. and anyone else who will help should take direct action to bring down the Tatmadaw and Police Terrorists of Burma.

It's not Free Burma anymore. It's SAVE BURMA. Now!