February 24: Not to be inflammatory, but this is a perfect time for the ethnic nationalities - finally - to declare independence.

Right now, millions of people have protested, but this may not be enough to get rid of the junta. (Fuck you Min Aung Hlaing, we will us the word any time we want!) Even the National Strike may not be enough. The regime (Fuck You again MAH) has the support of China, and, don't kid yourselves, the full and complete support of international businesses as well, both from the East AND the West. Public statements and even sanctions notwithstanding, diplomats are also for the most part indifferent. They don't want to get involved. And, they always serve business interests first.

It is both logical and admirable that the protestors have not resorted to violence. They are trying the "Burma Way to Democracy." But what if this isn't enough? Do you just give up and go home and accept another 60 years of tyrannical rule?

To get rid of a dictatorship, you have to break it. You have to push hard enough to do this, whatever it takes. The EAOs haven't gotten involved, because like their ethnic nationality populations, they don't trust Aung San Suu Kyi and the NLD. It is a red stick or a green stick.

But you don't want to miss this opportunity!!! This is the first chance in so long to actually be free. You have to get motivated and you have to shake things up. Talk to each other. Sure, you could start attacking enemy bases. The junta is completely preoccupied by the demonstrations. You would really be helping.

But why stop there? Declare Independence. And then fight to achieve it. It will be too much for the Tatmadaw to bear, specifically, for the rank and file soldiers. There will be large scale desertions and even mutinies. The House of Cards will fall.

After the dictatorship is gone, then you can talk to Suu Kyi and the NLD. You, the EAO generals, are the true leaders of the ethnic peoples, not her. (She did rig the election, so the ethnic nationalities had no real choice but to vote for her.) But, when you have helped defeat the regime, she will have to talk to you. And if you don't like what she says, if she doesn't agree to launch immediately the conversion of Burma to a Federal Democracy (and publish the 2014 ethnic census results!), then you can tell her, that's not good enough. And go your own way.

Freedom is nice. It is such a positive experience to be able to breathe free air. It is worth doing whatever you have to to obtain it.