February 19: Another day of demonstrations, but with one difference. During its rule, the military dictatorship of Burma has killed at a minimum tens of thousands of people. But in all this time, the murders have never been caught on camera. Until now. The shooting of Mya Thet Thet Khaing was filmed, for everyone to see. This is why the people are so upset. This is what they have faced since 1962 - State Sponsored Terrorism, by the regime against them. Burma isn't just ruled by a criminal mafia, it's run by serial killers. They have to go. It is a dark day, but the protests and general strike must continue, until they are overthrown and face justice.

February 20: The police for days have been taking a very heavy-handed approach to the protests in Mandalay. There were videos every night of gangs of the pigs raiding neighborhoods. It turns out the reason for this is that some of the most effective efforts at the National Strike were in Mandalay, and they were trying to break the strikes. Now they have just resorted to killing people. It won't work, and one hopes it will trigger a much, much stronger international response, starting with from the U.S., very soon.

February 22: There are millions of people protesting in Burma right now. It's only 10.30 in the morning.

February 22: These are the largest pro-democracy protests in history. And all the photos and videos do not include hundreds of other locations where demonstrations are also underway. Congratulations People of Burma! You have made your voices heard!

The dictators of the country have no choice. None at all. They have to leave. Flee to China! Get your bags packed and go! Now!