May 12: Many people have been shocked by Mutu Say Poe's letter [Chairman of the KNU, saying that the EAO should still follow the NCA]. Some though have remarked, don't worry, he's an old man now. In response to this people are saying, why isn't there a vote of confidence about him, or why doesn't he resign?

There was another good comment, too. It's not just Mutu. It's the people behind him.

The people behind him are not mysteries or enigmas. They are Kwe Htoo Win, Htoo Htoo Lay, and Harn Yawnghwe. The latter two in particular have been pulling the strings for the last ten years.

Harn is actually quoted in the article:

"Others are more skeptical that the military can be defeated or excised from Myanmar altogether. "The problem is that whatever solution you come up with, you have to include the military, whether you like it or not," said Harn Yawnghwe, executive director of Euro-Burma. "Because they are the ones with all the guns and are in the strongest position right now."

Harn is being disingenuous. He is conflating the soldiers with the generals. Of course it is going to be a big issue disarming the rank and file. Think Germany after WW2. But for the officers, they should all be arrested and tried for crimes against humanity. He doesn't bother to make this distinction.

And, he effectively backs the generals in another way, too, by implying that since they have the most guns of course they will win.

Bullshit! The generals have lost control. The people now rule the country. And, because of the formation of dozens of self-defense forces, combined with the now active fighting of many EAOs, the terrorist soldiers and police are afraid to go out. They understand they can be ambushed at any time, on any road.

The people are winning! The momentum is on their side! It is only a matter of time.

Harn Yawhghwe is a traitor! He wants the dictatorship to retain power. He and Htoo Htoo Lay and Kwe Htoo Win are completely corrupted. From the perspective of actually freeing the people of Burma once and for all, after sixty long years!, my view is absolutely they are all on the side of the terrorists.

May 12: {RE the FB group KNU Watch] We've been trying to cover all the important news about the Revolution in Burma, by keeping track of fifty or so Facebook pages, and checking dozens of other websites and newspaper articles, every day. But something has just changed, by FB. Many of the links to bombings and other attacks on the terrorists that are published on other FB pages are now being removed. They disappear from the original locations and then they show as "content not available' on KNU Watch. I'm not sure why FB is doing this. It is just news.

The people who don't want to see change in Burma, to see the terrorists defeated, argue that what is happening is "chaos." It's not. It is war, by the people against the gang of criminals who have kept them down since 1962. Wars are always difficult. The only thing that is important is to have a strategy, to create as much pressure as possible, and to keep going until the enemy is defeated. The people are winning now. The regime has lost control.

May 15: Dr. Sasa's statement is good, but to get U.S. help he should make another separate statement solely about the Rohingya, demonstrating understanding of the problem, and with a list of steps to be taken. I.e., add a Rohingya representative to NUG, end the 1982 law, give the Rohingya citizenship, repatriate them safely and to their own land, help them rebuild, and not just the victims of the 2017 genocide but all the people who fled before. (There would be room in this statement for a broader mention of ethnic nationality victims, and about similar plans for the Karen refugees, etc.)

Internally he also needs to address the fact that there are anti-Rohingya racists in the NUG. Not sure how he can do this. The first step would actually be to change the NUG a bit more by removing the racists. Ideally, the people in question should resign - they should be asked behind the scenes to do it. This isn't insurmountable. Politicians, and everyone in the NUG is perforce a politician, resign all the time, because of scandals and also for a greater good. As to Suu Kyi, the President, and the UN Ambassador, that's harder. The NUG should not have compromised figureheads who are under arrest. It should be an action organization. And the U.N. Ambassador, who failed before Congress, should right his wrong on the Rohingya somehow.

As long as the world views the NUG as the NLD, there will be no real help, not even the MOGE sanctions.

May 15: Maybe there needs to be a new call. Before the people said to the international community, "How many of us have to die before you will help." There was no help. The people should all say now, "If you are not going to help, at least stop Total and Chevron from giving the terrorists hundreds of millions of dollars to buy guns and bullets to kill us. Will you do that?"

Will a million voices be strong enough to counter Chevron's lobbying?