Very big news. More EAOs are fighting now!

KNL reported four attacks by KIA on terrorist forces.
AND, KLN reported the Arakan Army fought the terrorists too, on their own, in Momauk Township.
TNLA and MNDAA fought the regime.
KNLA Brigade 1 and KNLA Brigade 5 fought the regime.

April 24: Just to be absolutely clear, the special meeting about Myanmar had two purposes and two purposes only:

To allow ASEAN to save face.
To help keep the terrorists in power.

The second is just beginning. There will be "envoys" and "visits." These are time-wasting exercises specifically designed to accomplish nothing.

Fck ASEAN. It's a club for dictators, and they are sticking together!

April 24: One other thing about ASEAN: Their statement was written before the meeting! No way they put that together in one day. Someone wrote it beforehand (a staffer from Indonesia).

The chief terrorist MAH then said, days ago, that's OK. I approve it. Let's put that out and the world will be distracted - we reached consensus! - but we will keep doing what we want.

The meeting was just for show - political theatre.

[Note: An item deleted from the statement at the last moment was a call for the release of political prisoners, now well over 3,000. MAH didn't agree to that!]

April 24: This [the ASEAN meeting] is starting to look like a first step in the "Let Suu Kyi come back but keep absolute power" strategy rather than lose everything (something the other countries no doubt prefer). Imagine, Burma a real democracy. Not only would China hate that, all the countries in ASEAN (excepting Timor Leste) would, too. No democracy for SE Asia!

April 25: [Again re the meeting] Dr. Sasa said it is great what ASEAN is doing. Also, Singapore said MAH should release ASSK.

I hope I'm wrong but I hear a small voice - is this the beginning of a staged "surrender" - go back to before with Suu Kyi and the NLD fake democracy, and the 2008 Constitution. They might try to use that to split the Bamar protesters from the Ethnic Nationalities and EAOs. We know some Bamar have said "now we understand how bad it was for the ethnics," but saying that and actually implementing federalism are wide apart. How many people would be willing to go back to the January 31st status quo if their heroine were released?

April 25: The game plan can change very quickly. If they release her now then what?

Or even if the junta collapses from within, all of a sudden she is back in charge under the NLD, I mean NUG - as the Thais say, same same. Either way you will have to deal with her, including getting her up to speed, and dealing with her innate authoritarianism and Bamar supremacist racism. That would make the whole situation very tricky. It is clear why the ENATs are so careful, with CRPH and now NUG.

If that happened then the civil war would only increase, since the so called "final chance" to work with the Bamar would be gone.

Sasa's comments once again were absurd - a big mistake:

He should have said. Thank you for your call to end the violence against us, but - as we said - we want Burma expelled from ASEAN until we are in charge. You should have allowed us to participate, not the terrorists. You invited the man responsible for killing and oppressing us, not us, why the hell did you do that?