April 7: (In response to China's role in the Burma junta's terrorism, and elsewhere)

I don't understand what the CCP leaders are doing. I guess they are just focused on what they view as their own affairs, suppressing the Chinese people, destroying Tibet, East Turkestan, Southern Mongolia, and Hong Kong. And trying to keep Burma a dictatorship, having fantasies about invading Taiwan, and trying to steal the South China Sea. And, doing nothing to rein in their businesses that are over-fishing the oceans and perpetrating so many environmental crimes.

It's already the case that all around South and East Asia everyone hates them. The CCP is well on the way to being reviled by the entire world. Is having power and using it to destroy so ego-gratifying that it is worth being hated by everyone. They also don't understand that once you are hated, it almost never goes away. Look at Germany. After the Nazis it took the German people fifty years before the world started to forgive them. And they really tried. The CCP, which thinks it is the master of world globalization, is setting itself up to be the Nazis of the 21st century. Russia may be bad under Putin, but how much longer will he last. But China has a system that replicates, and which is as evil as people who built the gas chambers.

We are reaching the stage where the world, almost certainly under U.S. leadership, is going to stand up to China like never before. I hated Trump, but the one thing he did was penalize the Chinese for their economic crimes (e.g., with intellectual property, ...). He imposed huge tariffs. When he did it economists warned that the world would come to an end and that the CCP would fight back. What did they actually do? Nothing. The tariffs are still in place. And at a minimum tens of millions of Americans now actively avoid buying Chinese goods.

A globalized world can work for you but it can also turn against you in a huge way.

I truly believe that Burma will win its freedom, real freedom, now. This may take time. The U.S. Revolution took almost eight years. I don't think it will take that long, but it will take time. And once the Burmese are free, their freedom will infect the Chinese, starting across the border in Yunnan.

The one thing that the CCP realizes is that for all its posturing, its hold on power is weak. There are 1.3 billion Chinese people. The world is changing. If they rose up - when they rise up (they did in 1989, 1976, even back in 1911) - the CCP will be powerless to stop them. The Chinese will respond just the way the Burmese are responding now.


The best source of news about the war between the KIA and the dictatorship, at least in English, is Kachinland News. But KNL only releases summary items. Because of this, it is easy to miss the scale of what is now underway, and the deeper patterns.

In the last eight days (since April 1st), KNL has reported the following ground conflict. The list excludes Tatmadaw aerial and heavy weapon attacks.

- By the KIA, fifteen ambushes, planned attacks, unplanned firefights (when they unexpectedly encountered Tatmadaw units), and full-on battles.

- Also an attack on a tanker carrying jet fuel and the taking of a Tatmadaw outpost.

- The taking of a police station, and also reported by KNL, attacks by local Kachin communities on two other police stations and a regime administrative office.

This list makes it clear that (1) the KIA has ignored China's demand to back off, and (2) the conflict is escalating and the KIA are achieving many significant victories.

KLN does not publish casualty reports, although as noted many of the conflicts were described as ambushes or planned attacks. Imagine being in a Tatmadaw convoy or column that is ambushed by the KIA. It would be horrific. Their casualties must already be very high.

The KIA released a statement saying that Tatmadaw soldiers who flee their units would be welcomed. Many regime soldiers must surely have heard about this, and their losses, and are no doubt considering their options.

The KIA is taking the fight to the Tatmadaw just like the AA did last year. The KNLA is also fighting now on a regular basis, but here the information available is limited as well. (FBR has the most detailed reports.) But while it is true that many EAOs, including the AA, have yet to respond properly to the coup and to the sadistic violence perpetrated by the dictatorship's terrorists, the war for Burma's freedom, by the ethnic nationalities, is already well underway.

April 9: (In response to the U.S. Ambassador's comments at the Security Council)

Zero. Zip. Nada. Nothing. When the United States says that it is going to do nothing concrete at all to stop the terrorism, this is a direct invitation to Min Aung Hlaing to kill more.

Yesterday was the two month anniversary of the murder of the first victim, Ma Mya Thin Thin Khaing. The known total of murders now according to AAPPB is 618, although they point out that the real number is certainly much higher (and we still don't know how many people were killed in Bago last night - the Tatmadaw used mortars!). So well over 600 deaths in 60 days, or more than 10 a day.

This has not been enough to spur the U.S. and the U.K. and the E.U. to action. The only question on the people of Burma's minds is: What's the number!!!? How many of us do they have to murder before you do something? 1,000? 5,000? 10,000? 100,000? Should we have a gambling pool and bet on which number will finally get you to act?

Can't you call them terrorists, and then do what you always do with terrorists - fight them!? Can't you at least impose a No Fly Zone, if only to save the villagers who are being bombed? Can't you find a way to get us something that we can use to fight back? For God's Sake, Help Us! Stop speaking nonsense and do something!

Stop letting China and Russia tell you what you can and cannot do? Do they rule the world now?