I don't see how, with the dictatorship shooting people in cold-blooded murder in the streets, and bombing villages from the air (and they will not stop!); and the top U.S. General and top Regional Admiral expressing disgust; and President Biden saying it is absolutely outrageous and that that they are working on the U.S. reaction right now; and you have an entire U.S. aircraft carrier group next to the country; and the people are begging for your help - I don't see how you can possibly not help. You have to intervene.

March 29: The United States should not view this as a negative responsibility. Rather, it is an historic opportunity for President Biden, and at the beginning of his term. He can stand up to the rogue nations China under Xi and Russia under Putin, and with action help defeat dictatorship and repression in Burma and establish real democracy.

March 31: The Min Aung Hlaing Terrorist Junta announced a one month ceasefire starting tomorrow.

This is: (1) psychological warfare; (2) like all their lies, meaningless, and it supposedly only applies to the EAOs, and not the protestors; and (3) a last ditch attempt to avoid foreign intervention from the United States and other concerned nations. (The Security Council is meeting today.)

In response, (1) the EAOs should keep fighting (let's go Three Brotherhood Alliance!): (2) the people should keep protesting, and fighting back in their own way; and (3) the United States and its allies should intervene now!